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Hybrid Integration

Not ready to move your entire enterprise to the cloud? Can’t leave behind valuable data? With hybrid integration, businesses can integrate systems that reside both on-premises and in the cloud to create connectivity across the enterprise.


Accelerate your SAP upgrade and get the most out of your legacy data. 


ERP and CRM Solutions:

Automating business processes and enabling connectivity among various applications makes ERP and CRM systems more efficient. Learn more about ERP and CRM integration solutions with MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform. 


Data Management and Migration:

Integration solutions to fulfill all your data needs. Whether you’re migrating data or looking to consolidate data in order to create a single customer view, MuleSoft has the appropriate integration solutions. 


Digital Transformation:

The digital era has opened up new opportunities for enterprises to connect the unconnected. Discover which new technologies organizations are adopting and how APIs are driving business strategy.


Hybrid Cloud 

Hybrid cloud integration platforms allow businesses a middle ground as they move from their legacy systems to the cloud. Learn how hybrid integration can benefit your organization. 


General Integration Solutions:

Learn more about what hybrid integration is all about with an array of useful resources.


Human Capital Management:

Learn how to strengthen, extend and scale your HR systems across the enterprise.


Business and Finance:

Streamline critical businesses to make business run smoothly. From order management to taxing systems integration, MuleSoft offers solutions to help streamline your business


Social Media:

Integration solutions for organizations looking to take their business to the next level by integrating social tools.



An assortment of resources to help you with your integration needs.

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