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Extract and structure data fast

Use advanced AI algorithms to automate document processing from diverse formats like PDFs and images, incorporating manual review when necessary.

Automate complete workflows beyond just documents

Seamlessly integrate extracted data with downstream systems for a fully streamlined workflow.

Accelerate time to market

Instantly initiate document workflows with natural language and pretrained models designed for common document types.

End to-end document automation.

Seamlessly integrated with Anypoint Platform, RPA and Flow. MuleSoft Intelligent Document Processing accurately automates the entire document processing lifecycle using pre-trained AI algorithm models.

Effortlessly integrate data into your existing downstream systems, delivering a streamlined workflow that scales with your business needs without compromising efficiency.

Save time with out-of-the-box templates.

Streamline routine document management workflows such as purchase orders and invoices with our prebuilt templates that reduce training and validation time.

Make document extraction simple for everyone.

Empower everyone to effortlessly automate document processes through intuitive clicks and natural language, minimizing the need for coding and technical skills.

Einstein performing tasks with natural language prompts

Coming soon

Powered by Einstein.

Unlock valuable insights from your documents using natural language prompts, without the need for complex training or reliance on document templates. Ask Einstein to extract unstructured data fields, format the responses as JSON outputs, classify and summarize documents, and intuitively perform additional tasks.

Coming soon

Integrate with Salesforce Flow.

Automate document workflows seamlessly across your Customer 360 using Salesforce Flow. Integrate intelligent document processing as a composable building block, easily embeddable and triggered within Salesforce Clouds for streamlined efficiency.

Intelligent document processing integrated

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