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Deepen customer relationships with the right data.

Integrate data 60% faster

Connect to systems rapidly, maintain data consistency, and deliver a multidimensional view of every customer

Change data sources easily

Decouple data extraction from processing and delivery, and quickly swap data sources without affecting downstream users

Provide a single source of truth

Ensure that everyone has access to and can act on accurate customer information


Increasing graduation rates with a single view of their students.

"We have care teams that actually know what’s going on with the students before the students know that they have academic issues and can proactively reach out to them. Before, advisors had to look at one screen first and then the other, then the other … through MuleSoft, we can bring all this together into a single screen."

Sidney Fernandes, CIO, University of South Florida

Single view of your customer Story - Mulesoft

Accelerate the flow of data.

Whether you are pulling from your MDM, ERP, CRM, or analytics systems, Anypoint Platform provides hundreds of out-of-the-box connectors, a visual drag-and-drop data mapper, and data transformation templates to normalize customer information. 

Learn how Hologic, a leading global healthcare company, used the Oracle EBS and Salesforce connectors to deliver a single customer view to field and service teams 3x faster.

Accelerate the flow of data image
Accommodate new and evolving data sets and sources image

Accommodate new and evolving data sets and sources.

Easily integrate new data sources as your business strategy and IT landscape evolves. Reconfigure APIs to draw data from any system — from mainframes to SaaS — using a point-and-click tool. Adopt new architectures and technologies without disrupting the applications, people, and processes that rely on a 360-degree view of customer information.

Watch how Janrain, a MuleSoft partner, integrates customer data stored in diverse systems and multiple environments to manage 1.5 billion identities for more than 3,400 clients.

Build personalized experiences based on accurate customer data.

Access consistent customer data via self-service APIs that pull from a single source of truth. Deliver different customer views to contextualize interactions while ensuring a common understanding of every customer attribute.

Discover how Pilot Flying J created a Customer Profile API that provides a single view of customer data for the myPilot mobile app by verifying customer billing information, company credentials, and more.

Build personalized experiences based on accurate customer data image

See how a single customer view can power your organization.


Holistic customer journeys 

See how to integrate customer data across on-premise and cloud systems to demystify the customer journey


Building a 360-degree customer view

Hear from PwC on how financial services firms successfully build a unified customer views using APIs


The power of APIs

Learn how APIs can enable teams to build a 360-degree customer view and anticipate customer needs