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The University of South Florida (USF) is a large public university with nearly 50,000 students across multiple campuses. Students today are digital natives and expect consumer-grade digital services in every aspect of their lives. But providing that experience proved a challenge for the university’s IT team. Years of point-to-point integration left them with an enormous backlog and a huge amount of technical debt. And, with a limited budget, it was difficult to keep everything running, let alone create the innovative experiences students, faculty, and administrators wanted.

With MuleSoft, USF was able to eliminate their backlog and start delivering exciting new projects such as enabling student care teams to help students more efficiently. In a single portal, advisors can see academic, financial, and registry information; they can reach out to students proactively to make sure they are on track with their academic plans. Creating this portal required the unification of numerous siloed systems and data sources; Anypoint Platform™ made it easy. This one project alone has led to increased graduation rates and greater student success.

“Our goal is to increase the likelihood of student success and the likelihood of students graduating, and MuleSoft is going to be one of the core elements of how we do that now and in the future.”

Sidney Fernandes

Sidney Fernandes