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Atom Bank is the second bank in the last 100 years to receive a full banking license in the UK, delivering the first mobile-only bank in the region. Atom Bank has no branches and no website; everything is carried out via a mobile application, whether it is opening a savings account, transferring money, or receiving a mortgage offer.

With a focus on speed-to-market, the bank’s previous approach to technology was to "buy over build." Before MuleSoft, they utilized tightly coupled, point-to-point integrations to connect their systems, which inhibited their ability to compose new innovations.

Recognizing these disadvantages, Atom embraced MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform™ and API-led approach to replace their ESB and shift towards an agile, scalable operating model. With MuleSoft, Atom Bank now deploys half the number of APIs as compared to the number they had to develop on their incumbent integration solution. In addition, with MuleSoft, every piece of integration is a reusable asset. Their monthly API development cycle has been shortened from one month to one day, enabling Atom Bank to innovate at speed.

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