Automate and publish processes as a service with Anypoint Platform

Unlock systems 64% faster

Connect to core systems and unlock data easily with prebuilt connectors and automated data mapping

Accelerate process automation

Orchestrate processes using drag-and-drop capabilities and a library of prebuilt APIs and integration templates

Reuse business capabilities

Package processes into reusable services and publish them for internal and external use

Powering the world’s first instant home loan

Tic:Toc — one of Australia’s leading home loans providers — partnered with MuleSoft to offer mortgage approvals in just 22 minutes, compared to the 22-day industry average. Learn how Tic:Toc was able to mine and assess property valuation, borrowing ability, and credit check data in real-time to evaluate a borrower's suitability.

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Rapidly unlock data from your core systems

Connect to systems faster with a robust library of out-of-the-box connectors and AI-driven, automatic data mapping. Extend access to data with secure APIs, then reuse your APIs for future projects without developing new integrations.

Learn how a top tier global bank leveraged the .NET connector and MuleSoft’s SDK to build integrations 5x faster and accelerate the automation of mortgage servicing capabilities.

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Accelerate process orchestration

Accelerate process orchestration

Easily build processes with a graphical development environment that allows you to orchestrate data across multiple systems. Deliver projects faster with prebuilt integration templates that support common data operations.

Learn how the State of Colorado used MuleSoft’s implementation templates to respond to a 200% increase in Medicaid applications by reducing the processing time from 45 days to real-time.

Deliver business processes as reusable services

Digitize your business with APIs that package business processes into reusable services that scale across channels to deliver connected and consistent customer, partner, and employee experiences.

Discover how leading organizations such as Wells Fargo, Addison Lee, and a national postal service company are automating business processes and transforming themselves into digital platforms.

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See how automating business processes can power your organization