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Adopt Anypoint Platform for eCommerce.

Launch an eCommerce platform 2.5x faster

Build direct-to-consumer relationships quickly by using prebuilt connectors and integration templates for common eCommerce platforms

Scale 4x faster across your brands and regions

Meet your customers where they are by extending your eCommerce platform across markets and channels with reusable integration assets

Ensure high performance with 99.99% uptime

Get high availability and performance to hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, ensuring no lost revenue during peak season

Building direct relationships with customers through eCommerce.

“With the agility provided by Anypoint Platform, we expect to complete our eCommerce platform migration in roughly half the time we had projected, allowing our customers to get access to new features, such as enhanced promotions, even more quickly.”

Phil Connaughton, Director of Engineering at ASICS Digital

Asics Customer Story - Mulesoft

Launch your eCommerce platform faster.

Whether you are using Hybris, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, or Magento, use MuleSoft's library of prebuilt connectors and integration templates to quickly connect to backend applications such as SAP. And with DataWeave, you can quickly map data from source to target systems with just a click.

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Scale quickly across your brands, regions, and channels.

Adopt an API-led connectivity approach and accelerate time to market by using out-of-the-box assets and reusing existing custom integration assets with Anypoint Exchange.

For example, a leading toy retailer was able to extend a real-time view of inventory availability to resellers and distributors 4x faster by reusing the same API across each partner.

Increase confidence with 99.99% uptime.

Anypoint Platform enables high availability performance for over 60 billion transactions per month, and offers scalability to hundreds of APIs and integrations deployed. Deliver turnkey reliable message delivery for both APIs and integrations, automate failover and message persistence, and scale workers horizontally or vertically to handle peak workloads.

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See how eCommerce integration can power your organization.


Keys to eCommerce success

Learn how companies like ASICS and Unilever launch eCommerce projects 2-4x faster with API-led connectivity


Accelerator for retail demo

Leverage retail-specific, prebuilt API designs and reference implementations to improve the omnichannel experience


eCommerce architecture

Dive into the technical architecture of headless eCommerce APIs through the lens of customers