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Adopt Anypoint Platform for higher education.

Realize the promise of technology by harnessing data from multiple sources — from web to mobile — to deliver digital learning experiences, an individualized profile of each student, real-time course availability and scores, and more.

Increase ROI from systems

Maximize your investment in Canvas, Blackboard, Banner, and more by connecting to these systems using APIs

Build student 360 initiatives

Create a 360-degree view of each student across academic, health, housing, and financial systems

Ensure applicant to alumni workflow

Drive real-time, event-based information flows across the entire student lifecycle

INSEAD automates and optimizes student and staff experiences.

“MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform’s API capabilities enabled us to implement automated scheduling and course bookings — improving the efficiency and productivity of our staff. Now, they can focus on higher value tasks instead of manual work.”

Mr. Choo Tatt Saw, CIO, INSEAD

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See how connectivity can power education.

Case studies

USF customer story

Learn how USF improved the learning experience by using APIs to build a state-of-the-art learning experience


Connectivity benchmark report

Discover the biggest challenges IT leaders are facing and how APIs can help


API-led connectivity

Learn how to accelerate the speed of project delivery by unlocking apps and data via APIs