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Download Anypoint Code Builder, Studio, or Mule

  • Design APIs across OAS and RAML specifications
  • Test and validate API functionality with built-in mocking service
  • Automatically implement API logic from existing specification
  • Build integrations to connect any app, system, or data together
  • Jumpstart integration development with the power of generative AI
  • Get started quickly with hundreds of prebuilt connectors, templates, and examples
  • Scaffold APIs from OpenAPI and RAML specifications
  • Normalize, join, filter, or map any data format with DataWeave
  • Automate testing and improve code coverage with MUnit
  • Save time debugging with built-in exception handling framework
  • Connect data to apps in ESB patterns or build APIs
  • Access, query, and transform data with the powerful DataWeave language
  • Deliver high-availability, clustering, and performance management at scale
  • Deploy as an integration worker, ESB or API gateway, on-premises or to the cloud
  • New self-tuning, reactive engine that automatically manages thread pools
  • New ‘error’ construct and ‘try’ scope for rapid debugging
  • New classloader isolation that protects apps from changes to the runtime or connectors

Studio 6.x and Mule 3.x are currently End of Life. You can still get access to these versions until March 2025 as part of our extended support program.

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