Solutions for retail

The web, mobile device and wearable technology have provided new channels of customer engagement but have also dramatically increased complexity. A new level of real-time, 24/7 connectivity is required in order to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Accelerate the path to omnichannel

The mandate for digital transformation is clear: the question that IT leaders must answer is not "if" but "how." To meet this challenge, MuleSoft has developed Catalyst Accelerator for Retail, a set of API designs and supporting implementations, that codify integration best practices focusing on product fulfilment, customer onboarding and conversational commerce. 

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The integration platform for retail

Build a 360 degree view of your customer

Connect marketing, POS and ERP systems to build a complete view of your customer

Create omnichannel experiences

Unify your brand and customer experience across in-store, web and mobile

Optimize your supply chain

Enable event-driven, real-time flow of information to both internal and external partners