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Kreena Mehta
Manager - Product Management, MuleSoft


Retailers must realize the value of important data to derive insights, drive business decisions, and meet increasing customer demands. As fashion, fitness, and entertainment trends shift, so do customer preferences and the data to reflect it. However, this data often sits siloed and scattered in various systems blocking access to a real-time, dynamic view for retailers. Watch this demo, Deliver relevancy with CDP, to learn how retail companies can unify and segment their customer data to deliver more personalized experiences.

Kreena Mehta (00:08):
In our current world, retail and consumer goods companies store an immense amount of data with these data points, changing rapidly and scattered in various systems. Each system has a specific data set that provides retailers with one point of view on their customers. However, if these systems are not integrated and if the data is not synchronized, then you are unable to see a complete 360-degree view of your customer. As a result, brands are falling short of customer expectations and missing out on golden opportunities. For today's demo, we'll be using Northern Trail Outfitters or NTO, which is an outdoor gear company offering a wide range of products. NTO recently identified that a large part of their customer base signed up during the pandemic through their social media marketing but did not end up making a purchase. One such customer is Mary. She's a strong advocate of sustainability and believes in harmony between our growing society and the environment.

Kreena Mehta (01:12):
She has signed up with NTO last year during their Earth Day campaign through social media but did not end up making a purchase since she could not easily locate products that aligned with her interests. To improve their global strategy, NTO decided to leverage MuleSoft and Salesforce to activate personalized marketing campaigns, to build relevant experiences for their customers. Using MuleSoft's Accelerator for Retail, NTO was able to easily connect and synchronize its customer, order, product, and inventory data across previously disparate data sets. Then using the power of Salesforce's Customer Data Platform, or CDP, NTO was able to easily integrate critical data from the Salesforce ecosystem to build a unified customer profile for each customer. In addition to that, they were able to automatically pull in loyalty, subscription, web, and email engagement data sets from other third-party systems through data leaks to further enhance and enrich their customer data.

Kreena Mehta (02:20):
This helped NTO create a 360-degree view of their customers, giving them a single customer view. They can use this view to create targeted segments and enable more relevant customer journeys. Today, NTO is kicking off an Earth Day campaign to reward customers and promote sustainability. To reengage with Mary and customers like her, they built targeted segment within Salesforce CDP. Now Northern Trail can activate this segment in channels, such as Commerce and Marketing Cloud to provide highly personalized experiences for their Earth Day campaign, to reengage with customers, and drive their loyalty and sales strategy forward.

Kreena Mehta (03:01):
When Mary receives a personalized email that not only provides her with a direct access to sustainable products, but also a 35% discount online and in-store, she decides to place an order. As NTO has already deployed Accelerator for Retail assets, Mary's data is synchronized across all the relevant data systems. Using flexibility and extensibility provided by the Accelerator, NTO is also enabled to extend their data integration with Slack to empower their store associates to get updates on any orders that will be picked up at the store. Using MuleSoft and Salesforce together, NTO was able to easily build a customer 360-degree view and integrate digital channels to bring sales, service, marketing, commerce, operations, and analytics team with a Slack first vision to share a single source of and provide a personalized experience to all their customers.

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