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Start developing faster with a marketplace of reusable pre-built assets in one location

Jumpstart development

Use hundreds of pre-built templates, connectors, and accelerators built by the MuleSoft ecosystem.

Break down silos

Drive developers to save, discover, and reuse your own assets and best practices from a unified catalog.

Accelerate onboarding

Enable developers to onboard, self-serve, and adopt your assets quickly.

What you can do with Anypoint Exchange

MuleSoft exchange accelerate your project delivery

Accelerate your project delivery

Don’t start development from scratch. Accelerate delivery by leveraging 100+ OOTB APIs, examples, best practices, accelerators and much more within Anypoint Exchange from MuleSoft and our broader ecosystem. Build upon previous projects by reusing your own assets auto-populated into Anypoint Exchange.

Build a consolidated source of truth for your APIs

Catalog APIs built by any team or anywhere in the enterprise — Anypoint Platform or otherwise — into Anypoint Exchange using developer friendly tools.

Improve collaboration across development teams

Before implementing an API, share it with your API consumers for validation using a mocking service. Drive developers to discover assets, microservices, or governance policies and test new functionalities with ease.

Manage your assets more effectively

Automatically generate documentation and map dependencies across assets in Exchange. Create custom roles, permissions, and team structures aligned to your organization to provide varying degrees of access to view, contribute, or administer assets.

MuleSoft exchange improve collaboration across development teams
MuleSoft exchange drive adoption with self-service developer portals

Drive adoption with self-service developer portals

Support developers to get started with your assets quickly with auto-generated portals or with bespoke, personalized digital experiences built using Anypoint API Community Manager.

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“By having Anypoint Exchange preloaded with reusable assets by Coke Business Groups already using MuleSoft, new Coke Business Groups can have the experience, lessons learned, prebuilt patterns, and templates that they can use to significantly jumpstart their onboarding. This allows them to avoid mistakes, speed development, and reduce costs.”

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