Make collaboration easy with Anypoint Exchange™ as the marketplace for saving, discovering, and reusing APIs and integration assets.

Centrally stored

Save APIs, microservices, code snippets, connectors, templates, and integrations to one location.

Collaboration built-in

Rate and leave feedback on any asset so that owners know what to improve.

Easy discovery

Search and find APIs and assets with a portal filled with documentation, code snippets, and tutorials.

What you can do with Anypoint Exchange

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Jumpstart projects by simplifying collaboration 

Save APIs, integration projects, templates, examples, and custom security policies into Anypoint Exchange for others to reuse. Auto-populate your marketplace with microservices deployed to Kubernetes — accelerating development and improving collaboration.

Get simple documentation and versioning

Automatically map dependencies between Exchange assets and generate documentation and portals. Documentation and dependency mapping are supported by API fragments such as API design patterns, data models, security schemas, and data types.

Validate then integrate

Before implementing an API, share it with your API consumers for validation using a mocking service. Experiment with specific API behaviors like delays and errors with dynamic headers. Test new functionality with snippets and API Notebooks embedded in Exchange without disrupting your existing integrations.

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Map content access to team structure

Create custom roles and teams to provide different levels of access to view, contribute, or administer assets. Provide multiple SSO options based on team needs. 

Deliver branded portal experiences

Customize descriptions, change images, and share connectors and APIs with Anypoint Exchange’s auto-generated portals or create branded, personalized digital experiences with Anypoint API Community Manager.

“By having Anypoint Exchange preloaded with reusable assets by Coke Business Groups already using MuleSoft, new Coke Business Groups can have the experience, lessons learned, prebuilt patterns, and templates that they can use to significantly jumpstart their onboarding. This allows them to avoid mistakes, speed development, and reduce costs.”

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