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Power real-time communication across your enterprise.

Easily create real-time architectures to enhance customer experiences.

Start on a unified platform built for end-to-end, event-driven integration, with support for popular event brokers and message queues, like Kafka and Anypoint MQ.

Build scalable event-driven services by adhering to industry standards.

Promote consistency with documentation, reuse across applications, and security through governance by conforming to the AsyncAPI 2.6 standard.

Drive adoption of real-time applications across your enterprise.

Democratize access to events by publishing your AsyncAPI specifications to Anypoint Exchange, making them discoverable to reduce sprawl and accelerate developer productivity.

Design and build event-driven applications on Anypoint Platform.

Anypoint Design Center

Design AsyncAPIs with open standards.

Simplify the design and documentation of your AsyncAPIs by starting with Anypoint API Designer. Easily adhere to the AsyncAPI 2.6 specification to ensure consistency across event-driven applications. Automatically generate documentation for your AsyncAPI specification to simplify the understanding and use of the specification across teams.

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A graphic showing how to simplify the design and documentation of AsyncAPIs in Anypoint API Designer.
A graphic showing governance rulesets and best practices for AsyncAPI specifications in Anypoint API Governance

Anypoint API Governance

Govern with best practices and rulesets.

Apply a scalable approach to security and compliance with API governance at design time. Developers and architects can validate conformance to their organizations' governance rulesets and best practices as they design their AsyncAPI specifications. This minimizes the risk of publishing unsecured assets to the broader organization.

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Anypoint Exchange

Discover and reuse across teams.

Make your AsyncAPI specifications discoverable by publishing them directly to MuleSoft’s public marketplace, Anypoint Exchange. Cataloging AsyncAPI specifications provides an easy way to share access to event-driven systems. By reusing AsyncAPI specifications, developers create a streamlined approach to accessing their event broker or message queue, increasing productivity.

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A graphic showing how to make AsyncAPI specifications discoverable using MuleSoft’s public marketplace Anypoint Exchange
A graphic showing how to implement event-driven applications using MuleSoft’s IDEs.

Anypoint Code Builder & Anypoint Studio

Implement event-driven applications using simple tooling.

Implement event-driven applications through a configuration-driven experience that simplifies the complexity of interacting with event brokers and message queues, like Kafka or Anypoint MQ. MuleSoft’s IDEs (Anypoint Code Builder and Anypoint Studio) now support the new APIkit for AsyncAPI, which handles most of the implementation work based on the AsyncAPI specification. Scaffolding, connector configuration, message validation, logging, and data mapping are handled, helping accelerate project delivery speeds.

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