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Salesforce acquired Servicetrace in 2021 to enable complete end-to-end business automation. The robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities from Servicetrace are now Mulesoft RPA and are designed to replace repetitive digital tasks with software bots that can intelligently operate any user interface, process PDF documents, enter data in a spreadsheet, or take other action on the user's behalf, all set up easy and fast without code. As a part of MuleSoft’s leading unified platform for integration and APIs, MuleSoft RPA allows these bots to automate human work across any system or application, including even disconnected legacy systems.

Together with MuleSoft’s #1 API and integration platform that makes it easy to unlock and integrate data and apps, we’ll offer the best hyper automation solution in the market that unifies integration, API management and RPA capabilities while including hyperscale resilience, universal governance, end-to-end security, and reuse-at-scale. Our customers will be able to turn each asset in their organization – data, applications, processes and bots – into reusable building blocks to make the composable business possible and create seamless digital experiences, faster.

The future even holds an extension for Application Performance Monitoring - stay tuned!


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