Solutions for omnichannel

Omnichannel is becoming more than connecting system A to system B - but rather preparing for the future as new channels become critical. By leveraging an API-led approach, you can develop more meaningful relationships with your customers in their day-to-day life, moving beyond transactions through multi-channel engagement and a single view of the customer.

4 of the top 6 omnichannel retailers use Anypoint Platform

Build a 360-degree customer view across channels

Easily integrate data across siloed systems, normalize data into a consistent view and draw insight for executives and sales staff to deliver a richer experience

Deliver a unified customer experience 2x faster

Strengthen relationships and drive brand loyalty by leveraging common customer, product and order definitions and data across every touchpoint to better engage with your customers

Respond 3x quicker to changing customer needs

Develop the organizational agility to adapt quickly to changing customer preferences by abstracting access and insulating the impact of change on downstream systems with the ability to innovate in the future