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Adopt Anypoint Platform for omnichannel.

3x faster omnichannel development

Drive consumption, consistency, and reuse of digital assets

Increase opportunities for revenue growth

Deliver a unified customer experience 3x faster.

PetSmart is evolving into an omnichannel brand, developing 3x faster and externalizing APIs so third-parties can build new customer experiences. Learn how they built a Customer Profile API and are using it across the company for faster delivery.

Achieve 97%+ customer satisfaction by becoming a one-stop-shop - image

Achieve 97%+ customer satisfaction by becoming a one-stop-shop.

With MuleSoft, Service New South Wales used APIs to expose data from on-premises legacy systems to modern cloud applications without disrupting processes or compromising security. This enabled access to over 800 government services via a unified physical storefront, web portal, and by phone — leading to a 97% customer satisfaction rating from over 2 million citizens.

Drive growth and seamless customer experiences by extending to partner channels.

Wells Fargo wanted to drive a digital transformation journey to deliver a unified customer experience at the accelerated speed that their customers expect. As part of this journey, they built Wells Fargo Gateway, a Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that surfaces key services — such as account servicing, payments, and foreign exchange — as APIs for Wells Fargo’s partners and developers.

Insulate legacy systems from spikes in data requests image

See how omnichannel integration can power your organization.


GANT’s omnichannel journey

See how GANT built an omnichannel strategy — capitalizing on the consumer demand for digital products


Accelerator for retail demo

Leverage retail-specific, prebuilt API designs and reference implementations to improve the omnichannel experience


Omnichannel architecture

Take an API-led approach to omnichannel to deliver a unified customer experience 5x faster