Solutions for omnichannel

Download "Omnichannel Strategy & APIs" to learn how API-led connectivity accelerates omnichannel, transforming your customer relationships.

Learn how to accelerate your omnichannel strategy

The Secrets to Enabling Omnichannel Retailing

Learn how integrating and exposing valuable data can put retailers in a competitive position to win over the technology-savvy customer and unify your brand across channels.

Retail Disruption - How GANT tackled Omnichannel

Hear direct from Kiku Mlosch, Global E-Commerce Project Manager at GANT as they reveal their journey and approach to making omnichannel “a piece of cake.”

Improving API-led Omnichannel Experiences

Learn about Catalyst Accelerator for Retail developed by MuleSoft, a set of API designs and supporting reference implementations, that codify integration best practices.