Retail disruption: How GANT tackled omnichannel

Retail disruption: How GANT tackled omnichannel

Retail stands as one of the most digitally disrupted industries to date with over 60% of purchases now said to be influenced by digital interactions, according to Deloitte. Against this backdrop, global retailer GANT is trailblazing a strategy which enables digital transformation to be the catalyst for innovation within the GANT ecosystem.

Hear direct from Kiku Mlosch, Global E-Commerce Project Manager at GANT, and supporting partner Gustav Rosen, Integration Architect at Entiros, as they reveal their journey and approach to making omnichannel “a piece of cake”. 

Attendees will learn:

  • How GANT approached omnichannel and is capitalizing on consumer demand for digital products
  • Real-life lessons from an IT strategy that is taking a business from stabilization to innovation to excellence
  • Practical steps to creating a center for enablement in technology and embracing a new IT operating model that empowers the wider organization
Presented by:
Kiku Mlosch, Global E-Commerce Project Manager, GANT
Gustav Rosen, Integration Architect, Entiros
Albin Kjellin, API Specialist, MuleSoft

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