Unleash the power of Salesforce Customer 360 through integration

Integrate Salesforce Customer 360 to digitally transform your business

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It is essential to stay connected with your customers, now more than ever. With MuleSoft and Salesforce Customer 360, you can integrate data from any system, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or legacy, to deliver truly personalized, connected, and relevant customer experiences.

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  • Reusable API building blocks provide the most secure, scalable, and flexible approach to unlocking data.
  • MuleSoft provides a bridge between Salesforce Customer 360 and on-premises, cloud, and legacy systems.
  • Innovations from MuleSoft and Salesforce are helping customers integrate and build connected experiences 3x faster.
  • Organizations are creating a 360° customer view, modernizing legacy infrastructure, launching new digital channels, and creating API ecosystems.

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Data is at the core of transformation

Today’s customer expects integrated, personalized, truly connected products, services, and experiences. Bringing structured and unstructured data together to draw insights is key to connecting with customers.

In this all digital, work from anywhere world, businesses across industries must be able to adapt to shifting market dynamics to deliver differentiated customer experiences. To build truly connected experiences, technology leaders must use data across the business to drive key decisions and inspire, empower, and engage. Connecting disparate and siloed sources to drive data-driven insights will make or break a company’s ability to innovate.

Create a single customer view with APIs

An API-led approach connects data to applications through reusable APIs. To build a single view of the customer, system, process, and experience APIs are used to unlock data from disparate systems and organize and orchestrate data across domains. This creates a full 360-degree view to expose in applications such as Commerce Cloud, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and mobile.

Form a bridge between Salesforce Customer 360 and legacy systems

MuleSoft provides a bridge between Salesforce Customer 360 and on-premises, cloud, and legacy systems to help customers create truly connected experiences, faster. Salesforce Customer 360 is an integrated CRM platform that provides powerful solutions for marketing, sales, commerce, service, IT, and more. MuleSoft powers the Salesforce Customer 360 with integration, connecting data across an organization’s entire ecosystem. Together, MuleSoft and Salesforce enable all organizations to surface their data to deliver intelligent, connected experiences across channels and touchpoints.

Unleashing Salesforce Customer 360

Salesforce Customer 360 is a powerful CRM platform that connects your departments around your customers, and MuleSoft provides a bridge to your entire ecosystem. Unlocking data from any system or application enriches custom apps with third-party data, gives sales and service teams a complete customer view, and helps commerce platforms seamlessly connect across channels. To further accelerate these integration experiences, MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce empowers line of business users to connect data instantly, streamline processes, and boost productivity with clicks, not code.

The full potential of Salesforce is met with MuleSoft. With Salesforce Customer 360 as the single source of truth for data — with Slack as the engagement layer — MuleSoft works beneath these systems, establishing orchestrations between the data and applications. Organizations can build connected experiences 3x faster with MuleSoft Accelerators for Salesforce Clouds.

Connecting the Business with Customers and Employees

Salesforce Customer 360 isn’t just about giving every company a single source of truth for their business. It’s also about giving organizations a single platform for connecting employees, customers, and partners with each other and the apps they use every day. This is where Slack comes into the picture.

Slack has played an integral role in keeping organizations agile, enabling them to organize their people and their work in this evolving digital-first and work-from-anywhere world. With MuleSoft acting as the bridge between Salesforce Customer 360 and any application or system, Slack is the layer on top that connects the application network to the human network — helping you deliver a connected employee and customer experience.

With MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform and Composer for Salesforce, IT teams can bring Salesforce Customer 360 to life to easily integrate data from any third-party system or applications. Business users will also be empowered to create simple automations and business workflows with clicks, not code.

Deliver differentiated customer experiences

Modern customer journeys are complex and fragmented across touchpoints. Seventy-one percent of customers use multiple channels like social, web, and mobile across a single transaction. This creates a network of fragmented systems and data points, as well as a time-consuming process to transform, manage, secure, and access that data. Today, fewer than 10% of companies actually have a single view of the customer.

A 360-degree customer view should be thought of as a holistic network of systems and APIs, rather than a pool of data that is extracted from various systems. APIs can be used to group data across systems in domains (e.g. location or channel preferences) and in various ways, such as leveraging data from systems like ERP, Order Management, and Salesforce in a customer profile API.

What will you learn from our ebook: “Unleash full power of Salesforce Customer 360 with APIs”?

  • Chapter 1: Data is the core of transformation
  • Chapter 2: Data Silos are the largest inhibitor
  • Chapter 3: Securely unlock data with reusable building blocks
  • Chapter 4: Building a composable enterprise
  • Chapter 5: Unleashing Salesforce Customer 360
  • Chapter 6: Digital Transformation blueprints
  • Chapter 7: Leverage the power of integration and automation in your organization

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