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Mule runtime engine

The single, universal engine for connecting applications, data and devices

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Integration Platform

Mule runtime is the engine for Anypoint Platform and the industry's only runtime that combines data and application integration across legacy systems, SaaS applications, and APIs.

Single runtime

Handle any integration challenge with a lightweight, highly scalable runtime engine.

Open architecture

Extend Mule to any new, custom or legacy technologies with APIs and plug-and-play components.

Event driven

Define whether events should be triggered in real-time, in batches or both.

Benefits of Mule runtime engine

Hybrid Integration Platform

Map and transform any data

DataWeave supports a variety of transformations, from simple one-to-one mappings to more elaborate transformations including normalization, grouping, joins, partitioning, pivoting and filtering.

Connect to any system

Via well defined extension points and runtime APIs, Mule can be modified and customized to take advantage of new, custom, or legacy technologies without compromising the runtime itself. Mule supports open standards, but is not limited by them. 

Data format and code agnostic translation

Mule reads any data file type and transforms it into any consumable format such as CSV or XML, making single-click conversion faster than ever before. Take advantage of Java or DataWeave, the powerful querying and transformation language inside of Mule Runtime, to make these transformations and connections live. 

Orchestrate Cloud and On-premises
SOA ESB SaaS Connectivity

Flexible and highly available performance

Mule intelligently manages message routing, data mapping, orchestration, reliability, security, and scalability between systems and applications to address any connectivity use case, on-premises or in the cloud.

Scalable and extensible architecture

Move millions of records between applications or data sources using Mule’s built-in batch integration capabilities, non-blocking I/O – or both. Every Mule runtime component has a clear role and is decoupled from any other component, allowing users to easily compose flows.

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Anypoint Platform overview

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