Digital education in a class of its own
Deakin redefined digital education using Anypoint Platform™ to develop personal portals for 50,000 students plus 4,700 staff and faculty across four campuses.

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200 different applications


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Redefining campus community with personal portals for digital education

Australia’s tertiary education sector is being challenged on many fronts. Uncertainty due to changing funding models, increased competition for students among public and private institutions, and the arrival of the digital economy are causing many to rethink how they go to market. At Melbourne’s Deakin University, Chief Digital Officer (CDO), William Confalonieri, is responding by creating an innovative, integrated digital landscape that is transforming the way students, academics, administrative staff and the local community interact.

Confalonieri is under no illusions as to the nature of the challenge ahead for Deakin. “We’re facing big disruption. The digital economy is going to change our business in many aspects. Certainly the current wave is already changing business processes, the way we work and create, and it is changing our business model. We know that we will need to continue to react and become even more proactive if we want to play a central role in the still-forming, digital landscape in the education sector.” 

“For all stakeholders, but particularly for students, we want to deliver powerful, simple, compelling, delightful digital experiences. This is going to be the key factor for any organization looking to claim a really strong position in the market. Today’s students are digital natives. They’ve grown up with technology so we need to be able to tell compelling stories digitally, across all touchpoints,” he explains. 

One of the cornerstones of Confalonieri’s strategy is DeakinSync, a personal portal for all individuals within the Deakin community, providing access to relevant University resources, customized to the each person’s specific needs. Crucial to this vision is the ability to pull in information from almost 200 applications used across the University, including Deakin’s learning management system, student management, human resources, finance and customer relationship management systems.

Confalonieri and his team selected MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform because it offered pre-built connectors, integration templates and drag-and-drop tooling to ease the task of connecting applications. 

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Company profile

Geelong, Australia
MuleSoft Partner


  • Need for a unique student experience to stay competitive in the education industry
  • Disconnected applications hindered students' learning ability


  • Develop a portal to provide students, staff and faculty access to relevant University resources
  • Connect over 200 applications using MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform

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