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Analytics SaaS companies simplify processes with CloudHub iPaaS

Analytics based software as a service (SaaS) companies such as GoodData and Tableau are faced with the challenge of integration every day. As their customer base expands, it is crucial for their applications to work with existing customer solutions. From web analytics to business intelligence, SaaS vendors must ensure they not only provide the proper analytics reporting tools for their users, but also provide the data their customers need in a convenient and easily manageable way. This process, called data science, seeks a reliable method to process big data, extract value from it, and supply customers with usable information regarding their enterprise. Cloud integration is a way for the BI analytics SaaS providers to focus more on the things that matter - innovating their core application and driving business forward - and less time dealing with the issues of data integration.

Integration for analytics SaaS providers  is an issue

Integration is the top concern for most software as a service providers. Customers have existing systems that they expect to work seamlessly with applications from online analytics service providers. One study showed that 90% of respondents consider integration to be the number one sales challenge with SaaS applications. Another 94% of those who responded to the survey recognize integration as a top concern. Moreover, 85% find integration to be the most time consuming element of customer implementation. Analytics companies need a way to ensure their applications work seamlessly with their customers’ existing applications in order to drive business forward.

Trying to take the problem of integration into their own hands, many analytics SaaS providers have tried custom integration. The issue, however, is that custom integration is pricey, difficult, and fragile. Custom integration leaves room for errors, leading to a higher number of support tickets and as a result, additional support and maintenance costs. Furthermore, because of complexity in implementation, building on your own limits your ability to diagnose issues. All of these errors can result in inaccurate BI data and inefficient business processes, preventing your organization from moving forward.


CloudHub allows for integration quickly

A cloud integration platform as a service (iPaaS) such as CloudHub from MuleSoft, provides the means necessary for SaaS analytics companies to simplify the process of integrating data from one service to another, seamlessly. Having your data in one place and available in real time for analysis is crucial, and CloudHub makes it possible. Through cloud integration, businesses can easily manage their data analytics applications to work efficiently with other systems via an integration platform, providing usable business intelligence rapidly.

CloudHub is a solution to help drive your business. Users are able to develop repeatable integration applications and connect to third-party apps on-premises or in the cloud. The integration apps are easily configurable to meet the specific needs of a business. Moreover, by leveraging an array of cloud connectors, businesses can have instant API connectivity to integrate their SaaS applications rapidly - in days, not weeks. The integration apps span various applications, connecting and automating important business processes. Cloud integration allows all your data analytics to be in one place and accessible through one interface in real time.

A Simple solution for analytics SaaS providers

CloudHub is the ideal choice for your integration platform because it solves the cloud integration issues surrounding cloud to cloud services for SaaS vendors. CloudHub provides the flexibility to customize the iPaaS as needed for customers easily - for complicated or simple integration scenarios.  

Going a step further, the MuleSoft partner program allows SaaS providers to develop, promote, and sell their products and services. MuleSoft works with SaaS vendors to define requirements, outline market opportunity, develop a plan, create an application, and launch the integration app. By partnering with MuleSoft, business intelligence analytics SaaS providers can better provide services to their customers, allowing them access to all their data in real-time and through a single organized dashboard.  

saas partner integration

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