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Order management system integration made possible with CloudHub

In order to maximize success and efficiency, it is crucial for businesses to use a robust Order Management System (OMS) to handle order processing from start to finish. Retailers and e-commerce applications for example, can see great benefit from such systems, as businesses operations can easily be streamlined. Order management Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors strive to simplify order fulfillment, from managing inventory to ensuring timely delivery. OMS SaaS providers enable access to backend systems such as SAP as well as give businesses the power to integrate with websites, accounting applications, invoicing services, payment processing systems, fulfillment warehouses, and customer support. By automating order management processes, businesses can efficiently process orders from start to end, greatly reducing costs and increasing sales for their customers.

The challenge in automating processes, however, lies in integration. Without a powerful integrated system, order cycles can be long, customer service slow, and support costs high. By leveraging a robust cloud integration platform, OMS SaaS vendors can provide seamless connectivity to third party on-premises or cloud based applications. Moreover, unlike point to point integration tools, a cloud integration platform provides businesses the flexibility to scale with customer demands.


Integration is troublesome for SaaS OMS providers

Integration serves as a major roadblock for most SaaS providers. A recent survey showed that 94% of respondents considered integration to be an important factor in winning over new customers. To cope with the challenge of integration, SaaS vendors have turned to custom integration. The trouble with custom integration, however, is that it is expensive, time consuming, and fragile. Hiring a developer to specifically oversee the point to point integrations can costs upwards of $100k in the form of a salary. In addition, when a third party application is updated, if custom coded, modifications of each individual integration are also required to keep the systems up and running. Because of the difficulties associated with custom integration, it is not an ideal solution. 

An integration platform solves the problem

To assist SaaS providers with overcoming the integration obstacle, MuleSoft offers CloudHub, an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) to provide seamless connectivity across applications and services. By employing CloudHub, SaaS vendors can easily offer repeatable, or packaged integration to their customers with out of the box connectors and pre-built process automation to a multitude of popular applications and services. Therefore allowing customers to rely on SaaS providers to deliver integration to their existing applications and services.

With SaaS integration from CloudHub, order management systems can connect to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, such as SAP Financial, in order to better access customer data. Moreover, with customizable integration applications and a variety of Anypoint™ Connectors from MuleSoft, software as a service providers can create instant API connectivity to a number of other popular applications. Easily establish connectivity to SAP and other order management systems as a means to gain insight into backend processes such as order generation, general inquiries, product availability, sales opportunities, and much more. With CloudHub, providing seamless connectivity between e-commerce services, ERP systems, and other OMS applications and services is simplified.

MuleSoft assists SaaS vendors with the SaaS partner program

partner saas integration iconFor OMS vendors would prefer to focus on their core OMS application, instead of building integrations to third party applications, SaaS Executives have the option to collaborate with MuleSoft through the SaaS Partner Program.

Learn more about the MuleSoft SaaS Partner Program or sign up for CloudHub to build and scale your integrations today.