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Data Synchronization Across the Enterprise

The growth of popularity in SaaS, mobile, and social application adoption has created a highly fragmented enterprise. Existing on-premises systems and databases house critical data that needs to communicate with SaaS applications and services beyond the firewall. Seamless connectivity is needed in order to ensure efficient functionality, communication, and data synchronization across the enterprise.


Data synchronization is the process of ensuring the consistent flow of information from one endpoint to another, all the while ensuring data accuracy. It also maintains data consistency across disparate systems.  It can be a permanent process, occurring regularly between operational systems, or a temporary process, such as a one-time data migration. Organizations have numerous applications, services, and systems they employ to support their day-to-day business processes. To ensure all the components maintain the same information throughout, data synchronization is essential.

Challenges With Data Synchronization

Data synchronization presents numerous challenges for organizations looking to create seamless connectivity. Enterprises tend to be heterogeneous environments.  They are composed of many different systems, each with their own data structures and requirements. This disparate structure creates complications as each endpoint calls for its own complex data mappings, formatting, calculations, and aggregations. Additionally, real-time data synchronization, a growing trend in SaaS integration, is difficult to implement with large volumes of data.

Data Synchronization Solutions

Organizations have built custom integration solutions to create connectivity throughout the enterprise in order to enable seamless data synchronization. This method, although plausible for businesses with only a couple of integrations, is quite difficult to manage and maintain for businesses with many integration needs. Skilled developers must implement custom code into each application, and over time. And as the number of connections grows, so does the complexity of the structure. This makes it incredibly difficult to manage a large number of connections, and even more difficult to modify them when updates or changes arise.

Sync Data with MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform

To tackle the challenges surrounding data integration and synchronization, MuleSoft provides Anypoint Platform™. Anypoint Platform consists of a number of integration solutions to ensure data consistency, accuracy, and availability of applications, systems, databases, services, and more.

  • Mule as an ESB - As the world’s most widely used integration platform, Mule Enterprise Service Bus enables businesses to connect anything anywhere and synchronize data across numerous applications and services. With instant API connectivity to hundreds of applications, businesses can leverage Anypoint Connectors to integrate data from several applications, databases, and systems and ensure consistency and keep data synchronized across the enterprise.
  • CloudHub - The enterprise-class cloud-based integration platform allows organizations to utilize Anypoint Connectors to connect applications and services on-premises and in the cloud, including mobile devices and social services. Moreover,, built on CloudHub, ensures further data synchronization by making it easy to automate the migration of data in and out of Salesforce.
  • Anypoint Connectors - Pre-built connectors make it easy to connect to hundreds of popular SaaS and on-premises applications and services to enable seamless data synchronization. With instant access to numerous APIs, businesses can create connectivity and ensure real-time data synchronization across the entire business ecosystem.
  • Anypoint Enterprise Security - A robust security module to help businesses keep their data and their systems safe from security attacks, maintain data integrity, and protect access to APIs and SOA endpoints. Secure data synchronization ensures the information being shared internally and externally stays protected.
  • DataWeave - An easy to use graphical data integration, mapping, and transformation solution within Anypoint Studio environment, this offering enables users to design flows and map data to ensure seamless data synchronization.
  • High Availability - Ensure failover with a scalable, reliable and high-performance architecture, capable of accommodating changing business requirements.

MuleSoft provides businesses control and visibility to keep the enterprise connected. A robust platform with easy to use tools, bulletproof security, real-time integration, visibility and control, MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform offers businesses integration solutions to ensure seamless synchronization of data across the enterprise.

Learn more about MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform’s entire line-up of solutions, its data synchronization capabilities, and much more by contacting an expert today.