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A modern ESB for the digital era

Modernize and unlock the value of existing on-premises systems and applications with an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) architecture that serves as the foundation layer for SOA. When deployed as an ESB, Mule runtime engine combines the power of data and application integration across legacy and SaaS applications.

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Build ESB patterns and more with Anypoint Platform

Meet every business need

Build integrations for a variety of use cases — from extending legacy services with APIs to re-platforming SOA

Faster time-to-market

Deliver integration projects 3x faster with prebuilt APIs, connectors, templates, and examples

Flexible deployment

Run your ESB anywhere — whether it is on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment

Build and host services

Expose application functionality as a service and create a standards-based architecture. Host existing services in Mule’s lightweight service container.

Build and host services image
Mediate and orchestrate services image

Mediate and orchestrate services

Separate business logic from protocols and message formats — developing flexible integrations rapidly. Coordinate services and expose the composite applications to support business processes.

Deliver and route messages and events

Direct messages based on their content or rules, then filter, aggregate, and re-sequence them as needed. Deliver synchronous and asynchronous events, transactions, streaming, and routing patterns.

Deliver and route messages and events image
Map and transform data image

Map and transform data

Query and map complex data structures easily with DataWeave — a data query language. Enhance incomplete messages or transform data to and from any format across various transport protocols and data types. Move millions of records between applications and data sources using Mule’s built-in batch capabilities.

“Mule is by far the fastest to market architecture we have implemented. We can now deliver solutions to customers at a much faster rate, ultimately making my company more profitable."

Paul Francescini
Director of Application Integration, Olympus

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