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With Mule ESB, any developer can connect applications using pre-built connectors, integration templates and drag-and-drop tooling. Mule ESB delivers the industry’s only unified platform for data and application integration across legacy systems, SaaS applications, and APIs with a hybrid deployment option for maximum flexibility.

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Connect with the world's most widely used ESB

Unified connectivity

Build integrations for use cases ranging from the simple, extending a legacy services with lightweight APIs to the advanced, SOA re-platforming for connectivity across the entire enterprise.

Lowest friction

Mule ESB is designed for speed and productivity with pre-built connectors and templates, out-of-the-box management and an architecture that can scale up and scale out as your needs evolve.


Mule ESB lets you quickly service enable assets or design enterprise grade integrations and run them anywhere - on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid environments at the push of a button.

Anypoint Studio

Design your integration flows and APIs without coding using the intuitive drag-and-drop environment or take ultimate control using XML markup.

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Anypoint DataMapper with DataSense

Transform data to and from any format across heterogeneous transport protocols and data types or enhance incomplete messages with metadata-driven design. Stream data for ultra-high performance integrations and extend mappings with custom functions for advanced requirements.

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Data Mapper

Integrate in real-time or batch

Move millions of records between applications or data sources with fast and reliable tooling in the batch module, or choose real time integration, depending on the requirements of the job at hand.

CloudHub Batch Process

Visual Debugger

Debug all of your Mule applications via a graphical pane that displays the content of the entire Mule message, the variables and properties associated with the event, as well as MEL statements so that you can quickly diagnose and resolve issues.

Anypoint Enterprise Security

Block unauthorized access to systems, eliminate exposure of sensitive data and information and prevent attacks through proactive threat management and bullet-proof integration.

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Anypoint Connectors

Provide pre-built API connectivity to the leading SaaS and on-premises applications. Connect quickly to thousands of SOAP or REST APIs or build reusable custom connectors with Anypoint Connector DevKit.

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Anypoint Templates

Built to address the most common integration challenges, Anypoint Templates can be easily downloaded, customized and extended to help you accelerate the pace of building integration applications.

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Mule Enterprise Management

Reduce risk and optimize performance with fine-grained operational controls and visibility into production environments via pre-built dashboards or powerful APIs.

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High availability

Scale integrations across multiple instances to provide high availability, zero message loss, persistent queuing and instant failover across servers and clusters.  Simplify expansion planning and redesign by leveraging Mule ESB's staged event-driven (SEDA) architecture.

Global Availability

Unified connectivity

Single design environment

Connect on-premises or in the cloud and build APIs from one IDE

Tools you already know

Become productive in days, not weeks with mainstream development tools

Open and extensible

Bring existing assets into the future through lightweight API enablement

Lowest friction

API-led integration

Address common integration challenges to anything, anywhere with prebuilt connectors

Built-in visibility

Manage performance from a customizable dashboard or plug into intuitive APIs

Scalable, reliable, available

Ensure no messages are lost on a platform built to scale


Deploy anywhere

Move applications from on-premises to the cloud with the push of a button

Avoid lock-in

Embrace SaaS to shift away from single vendor risk and black box solutions

Accelerate innovation

Create building blocks that can be easily assembled into new capabilities

An enterprise service bus for the modern enterprise

If you have more than a couple of applications, services, or legacy systems, custom point-to-point integration is the wrong approach. It’s time-consuming to build and creates a complex web of brittle connections that breaks every time you change it. Mule ESB delivers an easier path to more flexible connectivity with all of the power of a traditional ESB, but in a lightweight package that can run on your laptop.

Service mediation

Separate business logic from protocols and message formats for rapid, nimble development and long-term flexibility


Message routing

Direct messages based on content or predetermined rules and filter, aggregate, or re-sequence as required

Service orchestration

Coordinate and arrange multiple services and expose them as a second-generation composite application


Data transformation

Transform data to and from any format across heterogeneous transport protocols and data types or enhance incomplete messages

Service creation and hosting

Expose app functionality as a service and create an efficient standards-based architecture or host existing services in lightweight containers


Event handling

Deliver synchronous and asynchronous events, transactions, streaming, routing patterns, and a SEDA architecture

A support model that breaks the mold

We speak dev

Our support engineers have over 10 years Java development experience

Experts in integration

Over 87% of cases are resolved by first line of support

Access to core developers

If there’s something we can’t solve, you’ll get help directly from a product core developer

Mule ESB is by far the fastest to market architecture we have implemented. We can now deliver solutions to customers at a much faster rate, ultimately making my company more profitable.

Paul Francescini

Director of Application Integration, Olympus

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Support hours 8x5 8x5 24x7
Response time 48 hours 24 hours 2 hours
Number of support incidents 10 20 unlimited
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Back-ported bug fixes check-icon check-icon check-icon
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