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Data Migration, A Necessary Pain

Data migration is frustrating, but also one of the most important tasks a business must carry-out. Regardless of how costly, tedious, and risky it is, it's something that most companies must deal with at one time or another. Reasons for large-scale data migration can vary but common causes can include mergers and acquisitions, implementation of new software, migration to a cloud-based environment, and legal compliance. Moreover, as technology changes and businesses progress to the cloud, a data migration plan is crucial to ensure all systems, services, and applications have access to important information from their existing on-premises and cloud solutions. No matter what the reason for having to undergo data migration, businesses need a pain-free data migration strategy to simplify the process.


Organizations leverage numerous systems to keep the business running. Typically, services that companies utilize include:

  • Client relationship management (CRM)
  • Enterprise resource management (ERP)
  • Human resources (HR)
  • Human capital management (HCM)
  • Manufacturing resources planning (MRP)
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Social media applications
  • Databases

Some of these reside on-premises, others entirely in the cloud, and some may even be hybrid (both on-premises and in the cloud) models. These services and applications are critical to business processes and require not only seamless communication, but also a robust data migration tool to ensure vital data can be managed and shared easily.

Existing Data Migration Solutions Disappoint

There are a number of data migration solutions currently out on the market. These data loaders, however, are typically flawed. Many data loading tools are available for free or for a low price, and although they complete the task of moving data, the process is very unintuitive. Moreover, these tools often limit the amount of data that can be imported, exported, and deleted.

Many solutions also require a software download or in some cases, hardware installation. These data management solutions can clutter and complicate data migration initiatives, further complicating processes. Businesses already employ numerous applications, services, and systems; requiring additional software and hardware for data migration only makes matters more difficult.

Some solutions are quite expensive, often requiring a consultant or system integrator (SI) to come in and manage the migration. This method is not only costly, it can also be time-consuming. Often, an experienced third-party vendor is called in to handle the data migration, but this process can take time to coordinate and carry out.

MuleSoft Offers a Data Migration Solution

MuleSoft provides a lightweight integration platform that delivers powerful data loading capabilities. Anypoint Platform provides businesses with what they need to undergo data migration and much more. Numerous components within the platform work together to create connectivity and extend business capabilities.

Anypoint Platform uncomplicates data migration, making it easy for companies to streamline and automate business processes. This saves time, boosts productivity, and allows businesses to spend more time focusing on core business needs. Prepackaged Anypoint Connectors create instant API connectivity, making it painless to deliver integrations quickly. The easy to use drag and drop graphical design environment of Anypoint Studio increases developer productivity as it allows them to build integration flows with familiar tools. With Anypoint Platform, organizations can develop custom integration tools to fit their business needs, as well as leverage existing solutions that have been proven in mission-critical applications to boost efficiency across the enterprise. When a solution simplifies the integration process, businesses can focus time and resources on core business needs

Do More With CloudHub and

For those interested in loading data in an out of Salesforce, MuleSoft integration platform offers This integration application is the first 100% web-based data loading tool for Salesforce that makes it easy to import, export, and delete information in quickly and easily. offers businesses the ability to manage and maintain data easily with the following features:

  • No Download: Because is an entirely web-based SaaS offering, businesses don’t have to worry about downloads or undergoing any hardware installation. Unlike other SFDC data migration tools on the market, there is no need to download any software, thereby making it usable from any desktop - Mac or PC.
  • OAuth login: MuleSoft ensures simplicity by developing to leverage OAuth. With OAuth, there is no need to remember usernames and passwords, simply begin using immediately with existing credentials.
  • Unlimited data: In a world where data reigns, why should there be limits? Feel free to import, export, and delete as much data, with as many Salesforce organizations, as businesses sees fit.
  • Easy data mapping: Users can take advantage of keyboard shortcuts to quickly and easily map data to fields. With intelligent auto-mapping, easy to use search filters, and account ID lookup, businesses can import, export and delete data out of Salesforce quickly and easily. is simply one example of what is possible with CloudHub. By utilizing numerous CloudHub features and leveraging a library of Anypoint Connectors, companies can build, manage, and automate complex integrations without difficult custom code. CloudHub makes it easy to integrate with enterprise applications such as SAP, ADP, Oracle quickly to ensure real-time business process automation.

MuleSoft gives businesses the tools they need for data migration as well as the ability to extend connectivity with CloudHub. Moreover, MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform offers a number of components to connect the New Enterprise, giving businesses the power to do more. Organizations can leverage products to gain visibility into performance, control over operations, and real-time application management. With customized solutions, businesses can easily create data migration solutions and much more to fit their business needs. Learn more about what MuleSoft has to offer or get started today with and CloudHub.

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