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CMS SaaS providers simplify integration using CloudHub iPaaS

Content management systems (CMS), such as Wordpress and Drupal, function to present information on websites and allow for publishing, editing, and modifying content from a centralized interface. These systems provide blogging tools and a publishing platform to simplify the process of website development. As these CMS SaaS companies grow, they face the issue of managing and communicating between their cloud based services and synchronizing to one platform.

By providing cloud integration as a part of their service, businesses can easily manage their applications to work efficiently with other systems via an integration platform.


The struggle with integration

Integration brings with it a multitude of challenges for content management systems. According to one study, nearly 90% of users consider integration to be the number one sales hurdle with SaaS applications, and 75% of executives consider it to be a critical part of their SaaS solution. Moreover, as many as 94% of executives consider integration a top concern, as it is important in winning new customers. For customers with legacy systems and cloud silos, the expectation remains that applications from service providers should work with existing and new apps, seamlessly.

To deal with this integration issue, many SaaS providers have tried to implement custom integration. However, custom integration is incredibly difficult, expensive, and fragile, and tends to create more problems than it tries to fix. Customizing integration creates complexity in implementation, limits the ability to diagnose errors, and costs upwards of $100k in the form of a developer’s salary. Content management systems further suffer from the complexity of custom integration as it can cause issues with plugin compatibilities and interoperability. Additionally, custom integration often leads to an excessive number of support tickets, resulting in increased support and maintenance costs.

CloudHub can help CMS SaaS providers

When content management SaaS providers offer their services to customers, those customers come with applications they already use and want continual use of. Because customers know what they want, and only want the best of the best in terms of functionality, they’ll expect SaaS providers to accommodate their existing applications accordingly. What is expected is a central interface allowing content modification, maintenance, and use of a multitude of services and applications.

MuleSoft CloudHub, a cloud integration platform as a service (iPaaS) provides the means necessary to simplify the process of integrating data from one service to another, seamlessly. Content management systems users can build and utilize integration apps to integrate their service as a software applications quickly - in a matter of days, not weeks. Integration apps are configurable and repeatable, able to be customized to any specific requirement software as a service customers might have. Furthermore, by leveraging a catalog of cloud connectors and integration solutions, businesses can quickly have API connectivity on-premises or in the cloud.  

MuleSoft partners with you

To make things even easier for content management systems providers, MuleSoft offers a Partner Program in which we collaborate with clients to create, promote, and sell their applications. MuleSoft helps reduce objections and unlock new markets, reduce the cost of goods sold - allowing vendors to focus on their core competencies - and increase monthly recurring revenue. Furthermore, MuleSoft works with partners to provide sticky, best in class SaaS applications in order to minimize competitive displacement and works to accelerate time to value by reducing customer onboarding efforts and support tickets.

MuleSoft works with CMS SaaS vendors to sell packaged integrations around their applications to help drive their business forward. CloudHub allows content management systems to centralize their information, streamlining business processes.

Learn more about how CloudHub can benefit your company or talk to someone about the MuleSoft Partner Program today.