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Adopt Anypoint Platform for legacy modernization.

Connect legacy systems 5x faster

Abstract mainframes, AS/400, and other legacy systems with prebuilt connectors to get data in real-time to web and mobile applications

Lower maintenance costs by up to 66%

Build high-availability, high-performance applications using API policies to meet peak workloads

Deliver digital initiatives 4x faster

Unblock skill bottlenecks by rapidly granting fine-grained access to legacy system services and data


Transforming how the world consumes energy.

To meet evolving customer needs and new regulatory demands more quickly, Siemens needed to modernize legacy IBM mainframes. With MuleSoft, they unlocked these systems with APIs, driving a 50% increase in IT project delivery speed.

Siemens Customer Story - Mulesoft

Connect legacy systems to digital channels quickly.

Say goodbye to complicated legacy system integration. With prebuilt connectors and integration templates for legacy systems such as AS/400 and mainframes, you can expose data and services to web and mobile channels 5x faster than before. And for your custom applications, MuleSoft’s Anypoint DevKit enables you to build custom connectors easily. 

Learn how Service New South Wales exposed over 800 services across 40 legacy systems into a unified citizen experience with Anypoint Platform™.

Connect legacy systems to digital channels quickly with Mulesoft image
Lower legacy system maintenance spend with MuleSoft image

Lower legacy system maintenance spend.

With MuleSoft’s unified platform for data integration and API lifecycle management, you can leverage APIs to decouple legacy system complexity from underlying services and data. This reduces maintenance costs by eliminating dependence on legacy system experts, while ensuring secure access to your systems of record. 

See how the FCC drove millions in IT maintenance cost savings through an API-led approach to legacy modernization.

Insulate legacy systems from spikes in data requests.

With out-of-the-box API policies for throttling and rate limiting, you can grant access to legacy data and services without disrupting legacy systems and confidently deploy high-performance applications.

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Insulate legacy systems from spikes in data requests image

See how legacy system integration can power you organization.


Maximize legacy investments

Make legacy systems your competitive advantage by learning how to connect legacy and SaaS systems using APIs


Legacy modernization blueprint

Get a 3-step strategy to re-architecting and modernizing legacy, monolithic applications into microservices


API-ifying legacy systems

Accelerate legacy modernization by using out-of-the-box connectors to expose legacy system data