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Siemens is the largest manufacturing and electronics company in Europe with over 351,000 employees across the world. The company was charged with rolling out 60 million smart meters to accommodate UK climate change regulation; as a result, they needed a more efficient way of managing their complex network of devices, vendors, and suppliers.

With MuleSoft, Siemens leveraged APIs to unlock siloed services and data residing within their legacy IBM mainframes, and to expose this data to their network of service providers. This approach has enabled them to allow mobile and web applications to consume this data — contributing to a superior partner and customer experience — while maintaining the downstream integrity of these systems through throttling and rate limiting API policies. Furthermore, Siemens has been able to repurpose these APIs to expose energy consumption data to regulatory authorities in real-time — eliminating the need to manually prepare and submit reports.

The end result? With MuleSoft, Siemens has increased project delivery speed by 50%. They’ve cut down the amount of time required to deliver new project MVPs in half. And in doing so, they’ve laid a foundation to help the business rapidly innovate and redefine how energy is consumed.

"With MuleSoft, we're thinking about service-based, API-driven architecture, allowing us to be more dynamic and have better speed to market.”

Jeff Heathcote

Jeff Heathcote
Head of Technical Delivery