Increase speed of innovation and delivery of integrations
Oldcastle Precast needed to set the company up for future success. It needed to standardize on technology across the company in order to streamline operations.
4x increase

in productivity


on-premises and in the cloud


integrations faster

Oldcastle increases speed of innovation and delivery of integrations with a hybrid platform

With more than 80 locations nationwide, Oldcastle Precast is the leading manufacturer of precast concrete, polymer concrete and plastic products in the United States. In the past few years, Oldcastle has grown largely through acquisitions of various materials, distribution and project management firms. While the acquisition activity expanded their reach and audience, it also led to a lack of systems consolidation that negatively impacted customer satisfaction.

To increase the quality of customer service and ensure their place as the leading manufacturer for the next 10 years, Oldcastle had to standardize on technology across the company to streamline operations and set the company up for future success.

Oldcastle made significant investments in cloud solutions that would form the foundation for corporate and acquired entities. In an effort to have a consolidated view of project status and details, they had been using manual, custom coded point-to-point integration to connect numerous applications, systems, and services. Not only were these custom integrations difficult to build, they weren’t scalable or cost-effective, and the lack of a centralized, scalable, and repeatable integration solution made it increasingly challenging to integrate the acquired on-premises systems and data into the central cloud infrastructure.

With new investments in cloud technologies and 200+ active on-premises applications, they needed to be able to connect applications both in the cloud and on-premises. In addition, as Oldcastle was moving increasingly to the cloud, they wanted their integration platform to be cloud-based as well. As a result, Oldcastle needed a hybrid integration platform to meet the full spectrum of their needs.

After looking at various integration platforms including ETL and data integration vendors, Oldcastle selected MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform™ to integrate all aspects of their new infrastructure and drive greater enterprise agility based on hybrid integration capabilities and long term vision.

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Company profile

Atlanta, GA


  • Ensure future company growth by consolidating data and systems from ongoing acquisitions
  • Provide the highest level of client satisfaction by efficiently managing the project lifecycle.


  • A hybrid integration platform that could connect on-premises applications at acquired companies with Oldcastle’s cloud infrastructure
  • A single view of client and project data to ensure the project met deadlines and budget

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