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Challenges HRM SaaS companies face

Human resource management systems function to streamline recruitment and hiring processes as well as manage human capital. HRM SaaS providers offer an easy way to synchronize the process of hiring, managing employee benefits, time tracking, and payroll so business can spend more time focusing on their core competencies. Software as a service vendors must take on the challenge of connecting third party applications on-premises and in the cloud in order to obtain useful employee information for tasks such as performance management. Through use of cloud integration, HRM SaaS providers can simplify the task of talent management by having easy access to information that resides on-premises or in the cloud, making it possible to drive new business with deeper connectivity.

Wanted: Easy HRM integration

Integration among existing and new applications is a major concern for users. A recent survey shows that a 94% of respondents, many of them executive level leaders, consider integration to be one of their top concerns. Over 90% of those responding to the survey specify integration with other services and applications as being the number sales hurdle to overcome. Moreover, nearly 20% of respondents are not satisfied with their existing integration solutions. What customers want is a way for their existing applications to connect seamlessly with various services, simplifying their processes.  

Plenty of HRM vendors have taken the integration issue into their own hands by attempting custom integration. However, the trouble with is custom integration is that it is difficult, expensive, and fragile. The fragility of a custom integration makes it difficult to find and fix errors when they occur. Because custom integration is no easy chore, hiring a software developer specifically for the task is often necessary, usually requiring additional expenses in the form of a $100k developer’s salary. 


Found: CloudHub iPaaS from MuleSoft

CloudHub is an integrated platform as a service (iPaaS) from MuleSoft that enables connectivity to SaaS and cloud services, while providing a secure method of accessing on-premises applications. CloudHub iPaaS provides businesses with a way to integrate cloud-based services with each other as well as with on-premises enterprise applications. It also offers a platform for SaaS and cloud vendors to build and offer packaged integration solutions for their customers. These integrations can be deployed quickly, in a matter of days, rather than weeks.

CloudHub integration apps allow SaaS customers to automate business processes spanning multiple applications. Integration apps are nicely packaged, end-to-end integrations running on the CloudHub platform, there to simplify business processes. The integration apps leverage cloud connectors to provide instant API connectivity to popular applications and services. Working together, the cloud connectors and integration apps provide repeatable integration solutions to have you connected on-premises or in the cloud, quickly.

Human resources management systems work best when they can streamline processes and information. In order to offer a single user interface in which customers can easily manage and maintain all aspects of the HR process - from talent managing to hiring, from payroll to benefits - human resources management SaaS providers need to develop applications which can integrate between various services.

Plus: MuleSoft partner program

MuleSoft provides its partners with the tools they need to succeed through our partner program. We deliver strategic benefits for our partners, helping drive new business with deeper connectivity. The MuleSoft SaaS Partner Program is a great way to get started on developing and launching an application for your services and making it widely available. MuleSoft monitors and manages applications once  they’re up and running, so customers can focus on their core business - not integration - to drive sales forward.

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