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As businesses grow, the amount of vital information they generate and store grows as well. To better manage all of their critical sales and opportunity data, businesses often choose to migrate from one customer relationship management (CRM) software to another.

Data migration is important, making it essential for businesses to have the proper tools to do so. When moving from one CRM system to another, it is critical that all your data migrates without any hiccups. With various departments within your business (e.g. HR, sales, marketing, accounting, finance), providing everyone access to up-to-date information makes it all the more vital to ensure that during your data migration, everything stays intact. Furthermore, data migration enables businesses to interact with valuable information is richer ways, allowing organizations to gain more insight.


Whether an enterprise or a small business, a number of data migration concerns exist for companies when moving to or from ERP and CRM systems., like Zoho CRM, is an incredibly popular SaaS CRM solution and as a result, more and more businesses are choosing to migrate from their existing management systems to solutions. However, as many organizations may know, moving data in an out of can be a challenging and time consuming process.

There are a variety of data loader tools out on the market trying to make data migration to and from a painless process, but a large number of those data migration solutions continue to be inconvenient and not user-friendly. Moreover, integrating data from on-premises and cloud based systems pose another challenge, as cloud integration becomes a concern. To address these integration challenges, a simple yet robust data loader is required to not only move data to and from a number of databases, applications, and services, but also to delete and backup information. migration made easy

MuleSoft offers, a painless, user-friendly data loader for to make data migration to and from on-premises and cloud systems easy. is a free, 100% web-based data loading solution and requires no software. Best of all, is user-friendly - providing convenient keyboard shortcuts to make moving data even quick and easy. With, migration is no longer a chore. Importing, exporting, cleaning, deleting, warehousing, and backing up data become less complicated, allowing you to save time and focus on more strategic projects. It’s no wonder that is the number one application on the AppExchange. offers numerous benefits for migration:

  • Simple UI - A user-friendly interface makes the process of migrating data less complicated.
  • No VLOOKUP - Access account IDs from within the integration application easily.
  • OAuth - There is no need to create a new account, all that’s needed are your existing credentials.
  • Unlimited usage - Without any restrictions on the amount of data you can migrate, users are free to connect to as many endpoints as they desire.
  • SaaS offering - Being a cloud-based software as a service, is offered without any strings attached - no software, no downloads. migration becomes a much more manageable task with Moving data to and from in a simplified way, making it less of a hassle and less time-consuming. Cleaning and deleting information is painless, leaving your systems update and uncluttered. Warehousing and backing up data allows you to ensure that all your information remains safe and accessible in case of any mishaps. simplifies migration, enabling to move information quickly and respond to your business needs.

Do more with Salesforce

In addition to an easy to use data loader, MuleSoft offers a number of Salesforce integration solutions to keep your business connected.

  • Business process automation - With CloudHub, users can integrate across a number of financial and ERP applications in real-time, giving them the opportunity to automate business processes.
  • Real-time connectivity - A pre-built connector lets users leverage the Salesforce Streaming API, enabling rapid processing of data.

With MuleSoft, migration is no longer unpleasant and time-consuming. Learn more about how can help you import, export, clean, and backup data easily or try the data loader for now for free.