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OAuth login

Users can login with their existing Salesforce credentials. An additional user name, password or Salesforce security token are not required.

Data mapping

Keyboard shortcuts provide a way to quickly and easily filter fields to find the specific data mapping fields.

Datamapping image
Account ID image

Account ID lookup

Users can find related account ID's from within the integration application without using the Excel VLOOKUP function.

Export Filters

Users can select the fields they want to export and quickly filter data based on custom criteria.

Export filters

Audit History

When users import, export or delete data sets your tasks are saved for 30 days. They can quickly go back in time a review or rerun previous tasks.

Seamless delivery

Integration apps can be delivered as a separate application, or as part of your service. Contact us to learn more and discuss how a data loading can be delivered as a part of your application.

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