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CRM SaaS providers need integration

Customer relationship management (CRM) is more important than ever for growing businesses, as establishing a strong foundation with customers is essential. As technology continues to advance, so do the ways in which communication occurs between businesses and clients, making it all the more important to keep track of interactions. A well-connected CRM system is vital for an expanding business in order to drive sales, boost performance, and streamline processes.

What SaaS (software as a service) vendors need is a way to connect their client relationship management applications with existing applications and services. Through cloud integration via CloudHub, CRM SaaS providers such as, can connect and automate sharing of customer and opportunity data with third-party marketing or ERP applications, whether they be on-premises or in the cloud. Customer information from various applications is made available on one platform for all departments of an organization, easily.


CRM integration challenges

The lack of a powerful integration solution can make business processes difficult to maintain, as data resides among various applications, both on on-premises and in the cloud. Integration tends to be a complex process and often very expensive and fragile if done on your own. According to one study, 94% of respondents, many of them in executive level positions, consider integration to be a top concern and nearly 90% claim integration to be the number one challenge with SaaS applications. Furthermore, 20% of SaaS providers who took the survey claim they are unsatisfied with their current integration tools. Many CRM providers  turn to custom integration to solve their integration needs, only to be faced with added expenses and fragile systems which are hard to maintain.

MuleSoft CRM integration solution

MuleSoft understands that companies use multiple services to ensure they receive the best of the best in services. A well-performing CRM systems is necessary to integrate all the information from those services, making transformations seamless, increasing business efficiency and helping you hit all your strategic objectives. 

MuleSoft provides CloudHub, a widely used integration platform for connecting SaaS and enterprise applications on-premises or in the cloud. Time-consuming and costly point-to-point integration is eliminated, enabling business agility. Delivered as a packaged integration experience, CloudHub is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is built on open source technology for the fastest, most reliable integration.

By utilizing integration applications powered by CloudHub, SaaS providers are able to build packaged, repeatable integrations between SaaS and on-premises applications. Customers using integration apps from a CRM provider can also easily configure connections to address specific requirements, or choose from a catalog of customizable cloud connectors to integrate popular SaaS applications and have them running quickly.   

Cloud integration can help in a number of ways to streamline the business processes of customer relationship management SaaS providers. CloudHub permits usage of cloud connectors to provide instant API connectivity to numerous applications, allowing integration throughout business processes.

Like to lead: Connect marketing automation platforms with social media applications to gain additional insight around a prospect's interests and interactions online. Integrating social media applications allows businesses to listen and effectively engage with prospects and existing customers. 

Lead to opportunity: Automate demand generation and lead nurturing with marketing automation applications through use of cloud connectors. Integration makes it easy to acquire new clients and drive business forward.

Opportunity to close: Automate the process of lead qualification to close by streamlining CRM data across financial systems.

BI Analytics management: Manage sales performance better by monitoring your business analytics for better relationship customer management.

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MuleSoft partner program

In addition to offering the world’s most widely used integration platform, MuleSoft offers a Partner Program in which we help our clients move their business forward. Whether you are interested in reselling integration as a part of your service or leveraging our integration platform as a tool, we are here to help. Learn more about becoming a partner or contact us today.