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Enterprise integration solutions

Large enterprises have increased in complexity over time, often resulting in inflexible and fragile systems. Legacy applications further complicate the situation, making system interconnectivity across your company difficult. To retain business agility in a world of mobile, API, and SaaS, enterprise integration is crucial. Enterprise integration boosts productivity and enables better decision making by offering accurate information when you need it. With Mule as an ESB, integration becomes a simplified process, allowing you to easily unify applications, services, systems and databases across your enterprise.


Enterprise integration challenges

Organizations need an efficient method to enable system interconnectivity in order to seamlessly provide information and resources to those who need it most, at the right time. To better equip businesses for problem solving, data residing in numerous systems (e.g. legacy, modern, cloud, etc.) must be effectively integrated. Because each system possesses its own data format and protocols, the challenge rests in orchestration between the systems.

integration complexity

Many businesses have turned to custom integration as a means to resolve the orchestration problem. Creating custom point-to-point integration works to generate instant connectivity, but has many flaws. Custom integration tends to be brittle, complex, expensive, and difficult to scale as your business grows. Moreover, because custom code needs frequent maintenance, which in many cases can only be done by a few skillful developers, accommodating changes that may emerge forces your business to slow down.

Without a robust system to integrate systems and applications, organizations lack the business agility to help move them forward. What businesses need is a solution to the point-to-point integration problem, providing order to the chaos within their enterprise environment.

Enterprise integration is essential for businesses

Eliminating complicated point-to-point integration allows businesses to stay connected, innovative, and competitive. Moreover, enterprise integration provides businesses the insight to make better decisions. In order to make well-informed and incisive decisions about your company, it is vital to have real-time, up-to-date information. To do this, data from all your systems, services, and applications must be available at all times, seamlessly.

Enterprise integration provides a number of benefits for business:

  • System interconnectivity: Connect people, processes, systems, and technologies within your enterprise ecosystem.
  • Improved productivity throughout the company: Enable communication across differing systems to permit everyone access to the information they need, anytime.
  • The right information when you need it: Provide accurate data regardless of what system you are deploying.
  • Real-time updates: Ensure that you are always up to date on your business needs with real-time updates.
  • Coordinate business processes: Automate business processes, further improving productivity across your company.

With system integration across your enterprise, your business can move forward, stay agile, and continue to innovate.

Mule ESB simplifies enterprise integration

MuleSoft offers Mule as an ESB, to address the challenges of enterprise integration. Mule ESB enables over 1,600 organizations in more than 60 countries to build application networks that increase the clock speed of business. Mule as an ESB is a trusted middleware platform built to deliver solutions to complex business problems. Mule provides order to the chaos of point-to-point integration within your enterprise, saving you time and maintenance costs.

Mule as an Enterprise Service Bus, part of Anypoint Platform, helps solve new business challenges by providing out-of-the-box solutions to integrate your applications and systems. With a library of numerous Anypoint™ connectors and customizable integration apps delivering instant API connectivity, your enterprise can synchronize data between on-premises and cloud applications or automate business processes easily.

MuleSoft offers all the tools you need to integrate your enterprise on a single platform:

  • Service mediation: Separate business logic from protocols and message formats for quick deployment and flexibility.
  • Message routing: Route messages according to content or by employing specific rules.
  • Data Ttransformation: Transform data to and from virtually any format. Moreover, Mule provides the option to encrypt, compress or encoded messages to ensure security.
  • Event handling: Mule provides support for synchronous and asynchronous events, transactions, streaming, routing patterns, and SEDA architectures.
  • Service creation and hosting: Functionality in any endpoint can be exposed as a service and organized into an efficient, unified, standards-based architecture. Existing services can be hosted as lightweight service containers.
  • Service orchestration: Lightweight service orchestration within message flows supports SOA initiatives.
  • DataWeave: With simple graphical mapping and transformation, advanced features for developer productivity, and powerful runtime capabilities, DataWeave provides solid data integration capabilities.
  • High availabilityEnsure failover and run mission critical applications with Mule ESB without compromising scalability. Mule is so reliable that organizations trust it to deliver 100% uptime and process over 10,000 transactions per second.
  • Enterprise security: End-to-end ecosystem protection with bulletproof integration protects from unwanted threats, unauthorized access, and undesired exposure of sensitive data.

With Mule as an ESB, businesses can easily address the difficulties associated with enterprise integration. Mule not only simplifies your existing enterprise-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud integration requirements, it also provides a flexible platform that can easily adapt to your future business needs. Integration across the enterprise with Mule enables seamless communication between people, processes, systems, and technologies, allowing your business to be flexible and innovative.

Learn more about what Mule as an ESB can do for your enterprise or contact us today to get started.

Additionally, MuleSoft offers hybrid cloud integration. With CloudHub, an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) working with Mule as an ESB, even more robust integration becomes possible. Learn about hybrid cloud integration by watching our informative webinar: “Hybrid cloud integration is coming: Are you ready?”: