Mule ESB: Scalable, Available, Reliable

Meet and exceed "-ility" requirements for mission-critical enterprise applications

Organizations across industries trust Mule ESB to deliver 100% uptime, process tens of thousands of transactions per second, and support thousands of Mule servers deployed in a highly distributed environment.

  • Guarantee the reliability of your application

  • Finely tune Mule for ultra-high performance use cases

  • Scale up and out as business needs grow

High Availability, Guaranteed Reliability

  • Ensure failover and reliability without a loss of scalability with Mule’s active-active clustering model (requires Platinum Support subscription)

  • Share workload between applications while maintaining transient state information with Mule’s in-memory data-grid to provide bulletproof reliability together with scalability

  • Manage Mule clusters easily from Mule's web-based enterprise management console, much like individual units or server groups

High Performance

  • Leverage Mule’s sophisticated edge caching technology for ultra-high-performance use cases.

  • Handle more transactions on the same hardware or use less hardware than other options, reducing costs.

Infinite Scalability

  • Simplify expansion planning and redesign by leveraging Mule’s highly scalable SEDA architecture

  • Scale out horizontally or vertically with Mule’s in-memory data grid

Mule ESB



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