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Mule Enterprise Security provides access control

Mule as an ESB is the world’s most widely used enterprise service bus. Mule is as lightweight and flexible as it is robust and powerful; capable of supporting even the most demanding processes. Mule as an ESB solves the problem of on-premises and cloud integration between applications and services, as well as legacy and cloud systems.


With seamless communication between various systems, the protection of your service endpoints is an important concern. Mule Enterprise Security is built atop the Mule as an ESB platform and provides a set of out-of-the-box features to enable end-to-end protection for your on-premises or cloud-based enterprise ecosystem.

Security challenges

Security solutions need to be more sophisticated. We have seen security challenges with cloud integration platforms become progressively complex, and in order to take on those difficult challenges, the solutions must evolve as well.

  • More API and SOA endpoints; access control from these endpoints is more important than ever.
  • Tightened security regulations means that a security system breach could potentially put you out of business.
  • Enterprise IT ecosystems have become increasingly complex - existing on-premises as well as in the cloud - becoming highly distributed across multiple platforms.
  • Attackers are becoming more sophisticated and attacks more malicious.

Dependable security features

Mule as an ESB Enterprise already provides a dependable set of security features:

  • Mule Security Manager provides authentication and authorization for inbound requests and credential mapping for outbound calls.
  • LDAP and third-party identity management system integration.
  • SAML 2.0 federated identity standard provides validation of inbound requests.
  • SFTP enables Mule flows to read and write to remote directories over the SSH protocol.

Extended security features

To further address security concerns, MuleSoft now offers the following features for Mule as an ESB Enterprise users:

  • OAuth
  • Credential vault
  • Security filters
  • Message encryption
  • Digital signatures

Mule Enterprise Security works to protect access to APIs and SOA endpoints, maintain data integrity and confidentiality, and guard your system against security attacks. In this article, we will explore how Mule Enterprise Security protects access to APIs and SOA endpoints by blocking unauthorized entry to your systems.

Access control

With Mule Enterprise Security, access control has never been easier. Integrate with enterprise architecture user stores for authentication and authorization. With a standards-based security suite including SAML, OAuth, WS-Security, you can shield your flow’s interfaces. Moreover, by using a variety of protocols, systems can securely access external endpoints.

Mule secure token service OAuth 2.0 provider

An innovative feature of Mule Enterprise Security, OAuth works to protect your APIs. Businesses need to protect access to their interfaces without actually sending user credentials to the interface itself. Only those who have permission can access to the credentials.

Mule acts as an OAuth 2.0 provider, demanding a valid OAuth token from clients before allowing access.  MuleSoft offers protection for your APIs and SOA endpoints, allowing only a single central entity to have access to your credentials. Moreover, OAuth has the capabilities to provide restricted or temporary access by controlling tokens which have an expiration date and limited scope.

The OAuth supports HTTP/S, Jetty, Servlet, and Web Service endpoints.

Common use cases include:

  • Securing REST APIs.
  • Mobile applications.
  • B2B authentication.

Not only does integration becomes easier with the Mule as an ESB platform, Enterprise Security ensures safe connectivity between applications and services, allowing for secure seamless communication. Businesses can further utilize Mule Enterprise Security to maintain data integrity and confidentiality through encryption and prevent unwanted attacks.

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