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Get the most out of your on-premises legacy data by using Anypoint Platform™ and APIs to integrate to heterogeneous systems, service-enable the enterprise, or connect your partner ecosystem. An API-led approach to SOA increases development speed and builds a competitive advantage.

Adopt Anypoint Platform for SOA

Deliver end-to-end connectivity

Build SOA quickly by reducing development complexity and eliminating long release cycles

Decrease time to market

Accelerate application development with APIs and reuse — improving the effectiveness and agility of your developers

Create a flexible architecture

Future-proof your architecture with best practices that prevent you from getting locked-in to vendor-dictated tools

See how connectivity can power your organization


Maximize legacy investments

Make legacy systems your competitive advantage by connecting legacy data to SaaS systems using APIs


The evolution of SOA

Learn about SOA, its benefits, and best practices for selecting a SOA solution


API strategy essentials

Get a four-stage blueprint for creating an API program – from building a digital strategy to engaging your API ecosystem