Solutions for Mobile

Success of mobile apps hinges on speed of development and speed of change. It’s easy for IT to turn into the department of “no” due to data governance issues or long cycles to provide risk managed access to backend data. Anypoint Platform makes going mobile easy, turning IT into the department of “yes.”

Anypoint Platform for Mobile

Anypoint Platform for Mobile enables a design first approach to mobile development with API-led connectivity for fast, easy, and governed access to any data from backend systems, legacy databases, and SaaS applications. Shrink development times without sacrificing visibility and control. Businesses can now quickly design, build, manage and analyze APIs to connect mobile apps to data from Salesforce, ServiceNow, SAP, Siebel and many other popular enterprise platforms and services.

Unique benefits for mobile

Connect mobile to anything

With connectivity to all sources of key data including legacy systems, custom databases and SaaS, mobile developers can quickly develop modern apps while tapping into the best of the enterprise

Fast to build, fast to change

MuleSoft allows app developers to consume APIs, quickly mock up and build new APIs, rapidly compose APIs from other API building blocks, and self serve data from heavy back-end systems through data gateways without any fuss

Agility without loss of control

Every component of Anypoint Platform for Mobile has built in enterprise grade capabilities to free IT from worrying about things like governance, registration, testing, policies, and SLAs