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SMB Integration Draws on Mule ESB

Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face the need for integration in order to keep business processes running smoothly and cost-effectively. Integration of both on-premises and cloud-based applications and services is essential, and connecting to the cloud is crucial for a growing business. As an SMB, it is vital to find an integration solution that not only presents a superior time to ROI, but also one which is high performing and cost-effective. Most importantly, SMBs need an integration solution with the flexibility and scalability to grow with them as their business changes.

The integration challenges SMBs face are crucial to overcome in order for the businesses to focus more time on their core business processes, rather than on integration. Appointing a team to manage integrations for your small business is not only expensive, it is very inefficient. Custom integrations restrict business, as changes in the custom code are hard to implement, making it more difficult for your company to scale according to your business needs in the long run. Additionally, because the custom code is often maintained by a small group of developers, when those developers depart from the company, the knowledge surrounding the custom integrations depart as well - leaving your business vulnerable.


Moreover, small to medium-sized businesses should not have to dwell on the hassles of integration, as integration is not their primary business. SMBs need to employ a method which allows them to focus on their core business, knowing that their integration challenges are taken care of.

Mule as an ESB- an Integration Solution for SMBs

Mule as an ESB, offers an enterprise service bus. It offers small to medium-sized businesses the resources they need to address their integration challenges, while allowing them to foster new business goals. Whether you are addressing on-premises or cloud integration, Mule simplifies the integration of applications and technologies for your business needs. 

Lightweight and modular, Mule simplifies deployment and maintenance for SMB integration. Its cloud-ready capabilities allow organizations to integrate easily with out-of-the-box cloud connectors and over 100 transports and modules. Mule as an ESB allows easy integration of applications, protocols and SOAP and RESTful web services. Most importantly, because Mule as an ESB is open source, it is developer friendly and prevents vendor lock-in. 

Mule as an ESB is the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.  Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from Mule particularly because it offers:

Superior ROI

Mule as an ESB offers an impressively quick time to delivery, keeping your business running at top-notch levels. Within a sample of Global 2000 Mule deployments, Mule delivered a 65% faster time to market. Unlike traditional SOAs, Mule delivers results immediately, giving your SMB value in months or even weeks, rather than in years.

Scalable Architecture

Mule as an ESB is an ideal solution for growing businesses as it allows you to scale up and scale down as needed. Environments in which business processes change constantly can benefit greatly from the most flexible architecture on the market. The more things change, the more Mule delivers.

High Performance, Lower Hardware Costs

Mule as an ESB works efficiently on commodity hardware, virtual machines, and developers’ laptops. In tests, Mule has outperformed other ESBs by processing messages twice as quickly, substantially reducing hardware costs associated with integration.

Enterprise Security

Mule Enterprise Security ensures end-to-end protection for your integration ecosystem by protecting access, maintaining data, and guarding your system against attacks. Businesses can rest assured that their integrations are protected, whether on-premises and in the cloud.

Lower Development Costs

Unlike many traditional ESBs, Mule does not require companies to use a certain set of tools. Any Java developer can quickly be productive with Mule, saving you time and money on training and staffing costs.

In addition, Mule as an ESB is backed by industry-leading and award-winning customer support to aid your business 24/7/365. Plus, because Mule is open source, your business is also sustained by a community of over 150,000 developers, constantly engaging with the support team to tackle all kinds of integration challenges.

SMBs Benefits From Integration

An online movie ticket retailer utilizes Mule as an ESB to help deliver services faster on more platforms. With Mule as an ESB, customers can stream movie previews, process orders, and reserve tickets - all for a lower cost to the business than their previous solution. Because Mule is so easy to use, existing Java developers can be productive with the ESB quickly, saving the business training costs or new developers salaries. Moreover, as a result of Mule being a high-performance platform, the online movie ticket broker can process more transactions on less hardware, making it all the more cost effective.

With Mule as an ESB, the small movie ticket retailer can integrate multiple systems (databases, e-commerce websites and ticketing systems), provide seamless connectivity, and offer quicker results for their customers. The lightweight platform is quick and simple to deploy, as it requires only a fraction of the resources normal ESBs would need to run effectively. Plus, if the business changes, Mule’s scalable architecture allows for simple expansion planning and redesign, allowing the company to quickly scale according to their needs with zero downtime. 

Mule as an ESB Can Solve Your Integration Needs

With the world’s most widely used open source enterprise service bus behind your small to medium-sized business, supporting your SMB integration requirements, your company is free to grow and better address business needs. Utilizing Mule ESB transforms your IT system into a high performance, efficient and cost-effective solution to your integration requirements. By orchestrating services and applications to work seamlessly with one another, you can spend less time worrying about integration, and more time addressing your core business processes.

Learn more about what Mule as an ESB can do for you and your SMB integration needs or contact us today. Or, if you’re ready, download Mule as an ESB now.