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Consumer social media monitoring drives business strategy

Consumer social data is a powerful tool providing useful information to enterprises to aid in decision making processes. The social data is converted from a raw, difficult to understand format into a more usable data arrangement by consumer social data SaaS (software as a service) providers. The challenge lies in how these enterprises and SaaS vendors obtain the information from social platforms and make it usable within the business.  


The challenge - Acquiring social data

Enterprises are seeking an efficient way to listen, monitor, analyze, and gather insight from social media, without taking away from time and energy spent on core business processes. By gathering valuable insight from various social media platforms and gaining knowledge about what is being said about your enterprise, businesses can make informative decisions across a multitude of departments -FinanceHR, Operations, Communications, IT, Customer Service, and Sales and Marketing.

Many enterprises turn to social media monitoring SaaS providers such as Radian6 and Visible, to collect consumer social media data and package it for them. With an ever-growing number of social media platforms, the number of existing social media accounts for a company can be large. As a result, SaaS vendors also face a problem - how to collect, analyze, and provide enterprises beneficial analytics from a number of social media platforms, seamlessly.

Seamless integration through CloudHub

Integration is key to making information flow seamlessly between applications, however, it is a complicated task. According to a recent SaaS Integration Survey conducted by MuleSoft in conjunction with THINKstrategies, As many as 94% of respondents claim integration between systems to be a top concern. With CloudHub, a cloud integration platform as a service (iPaaS), users can develop and customize integration applications to allow communication to third party social media applications, all on a single platform.

CloudHub offers a number of cloud connectors and integration applications to automate and connect business processes, without difficult custom code. Both enterprises and SaaS providers have much to gain from CloudHub. Enterprises can utilize the CloudHub iPaaS directly to develop integration applications, creating apps to transform and merge data, accessible on one platform.  SaaS providers also have a great advantage with CloudHub, for they have the ability to build custom integration applications and connect them to third party social media apps, obtain valuable information, and package it for enterprise usage. CloudHub not only allows for synchronization of data between on-premises and cloud applications, it also automates business processes across multiple applications.

Some SaaS providers such as Visible have taken on the challenge of social media monitoring and provide their customers with useful data. They monitor, process, and analyze consumer social media data, placing it all in one place for convenient access. MuleSoft understand the processes these SaaS providers undergo, and offers a solution to simplify their integration needs. Instead of complex code to allow to integration, users can take advantage of numerous customizable integration applications and cloud connectors to obtain, process, and analyze social media data.

CloudHub for consumer social data

CloudHub provides the necessary tools to alleviate the stress of on-premises and cloud integration. The cloud integration solution offers cloud connectors and integration applications to allow for seamless connectivity between applications and services. The seamless integration makes it possible for enterprises and SaaS vendors to listen and gather valuable insight from consumer social media, utilizing it to make better business decisions.

In addition to social media monitoring tools, MuleSoft  also offers a Partner Program in which SaaS providers can work with MuleSoft to develop and sell integration as a part of their service. From defining the integration requirements to launching your integration app, MuleSoft is there to help you extend your SaaS application and drive new business.

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