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Billing SaaS providers benefit from cloud based iPaaS

Integration among various applications is a great concern for billing SaaS providers as they continue to expand their customer base. The challenge of integrating, managing, and communicating between cloud-based services is often frustrating and difficult, often leaving room for error.

By providing cloud integration, billing SaaS providers can spend less time dealing with integration problems, and more time focusing on innovating their core application, reducing objections in sales cycles, and increasing overall customer satisfaction. Through cloud integration, businesses can easily manage their billing applications to work efficiently with cloud based subscription billing companies such as AriaChargify, or Zuora, via an integration platform.

Integration is a concern for SaaS providers

Integration is accompanied by numerous challenges, making it a key concern for most billing software as s service providers. Customers expect applications from service providers to work seamlessly with their existing apps, integrating with their existing legacy systems and cloud silos. According to a SaaS Integration Survey conducted by MuleSoft in conjunction with THINKstrategies, 90% of respondents claim integration to be the number one challenge with SaaS applications, and as many as 94% consider it a top concern when trying to acquire new customers. Additionally, 75% of executives consider integration to be the most critical aspect of their SaaS offering. What is needed is a way for existing billing applications to work with new applications, seamlessly.

One solution many billing SaaS providers have turned to is custom integration. However, custom integration is generally difficult, expensive, and fragile. Complexity in implementations is a common occurrence when taking integration into your own hands, resulting in limitations when trying to diagnose issues. Moreover, when handling sensitive customer information, it is essential to ensure error free connectivity. Often, a developer is required to manage custom integrations, costing as much as $100k in the form of a salary. Additional costs in support and maintenance are more likely to occur, as custom integration has a high likelihood of producing an influx of support tickets.


Drive new business with integration

integration platformUsing CloudHub, an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) offered by MuleSoft, to drive new business is much easier than custom integration. By utilizing CloudHub, users can build repeatable integration apps and connect applications on-premises or in the cloud. Leveraging a catalog of cloud connectors and configuring integration apps to reflect specific requirements, companies can have instant API connectivity, allowing them to integrate their software as a service applications rapidly - accelerating their time to live.  

Integration apps also allow for seamless connection and automation of key business processes that may span multiple applications. Connecting a new billing platform with existing financial systems becomes a simplified process. Customers of billing SaaS providers can then make use of the applications to aid with subscriptions, pricing, quoting, ordering, renewals, and payments. With MuleSoft, maximizing monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and streamlining subscription billing becomes effortless, allowing businesses to focus on more important things. MuleSoft also streamlines the process of integrating tax, accounting, and e-commerce systems to assure seamless work flow, resulting in satisfied customers.

MuleSoft wants to partner with you

To help generate revenue, go live quicker, and simplify the user experience, MuleSoft has plenty of integration expertise to offer billing SaaS providers. By offering a Partner Program, MuleSoft helps software as a service providers develop and sell packaged integrations around their existing applications and reduce customer support inquiries. Through careful defining of requirements, outlining of market opportunity, creation of a business plan, and development of an integration app, MuleSoft helps partners launch integration as a part of their service.  

With the MuleSoft Partner Program, MuleSoft is there to help make your integration app successful. Becoming a partner is simple - learn more or contact us.