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Siebel to Salesforce migration

Moving from on-premises CRM solutions to those in the cloud can be a difficult task. As the IT landscape changes and cloud computing adoption increases, shifting to the cloud is inevitable. Many businesses have a long embedded history with their on-premises client relationship management (CRM) solutions, but as businesses grow and requirements change, progression towards the cloud is happening at rapid speed.


On-premises and Cloud CRM

Oracle Siebel CRM is a powerful on-premises CRM solution employed by many businesses to manage company interactions with existing and potential customers. It has served as a solid CRM solution, but as more and more cloud CRM solutions are entering the market, many businesses are moving away from on-premises solutions such as Siebel for numerous reasons.

Siebel CRM lacks many of the features that cloud CRM solutions offer, including mobility, an easy to use interface, and integration with numerous third-party applications. In comparison to other client relationship management solutions, Siebel tends to be more complicated to use and hiring IT professionals to manage and maintain the CRM software can be difficult and expensive. Moreover, as an on-premises solution, Siebel CRM runs in batches and therefore is unable to provide real-time customer updates or offer the most current information.

The Salesforce advantage

On the other end of the spectrum, Salesforce CRM is a cloud solution to help businesses manage the enterprise and keep connected. Salesforce CRM empowers organizations by giving them access to all their information in real-time, at all times, and from numerous platforms and devices––from mobile to the web and more. Moreover, as business ecosystems implement more and more cloud applications and services to manage their ERPfinance, marketing, and HR needs, utilizing a cloud CRM solution simply makes more sense. With innovative tools and features, Salesforce integration gives companies exactly what they need in order to be successful and remain successful in the future.

Creating connectivity

Businesses face challenges as they initially shift to the cloud. As many organizations have immense amounts of data residing in on-premises CRM, ERP, and HCM solutions, it is not always easy to simply move the entire IT ecosystem to the cloud. Some companies have hired experienced developers to create custom integrations between on-premises and cloud applications. This method initially solves the problem of connectivity, but becomes increasingly complicated as the number of endpoints needing to be integrated increases. Eventually, the enterprise architecture becomes intertwined and tangled. This complexity creates complications and makes it difficult to modify connections, as even the slightest error can ruin the entire IT architecture.

Siebel to Salesforce migration solutions

MuleSoft offers a number of integration solutions to aid businesses with their move from Siebel on-premises to Salesforce cloud solutions. Moreover, MuleSoft supports organizations during the initial phase of migration where Siebel and Salesforce CRM co-exist to provide real-time integration.

  • CloudHub is a cloud integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that safely and securely creates connectivity between on-premises and SaaS applications. Businesses can nestle CloudHub between Siebel CRM and Salesforce in order to transfer information seamlessly. Moreover, CloudHub offers numerous Anypoint Connectors, including the Salesforce Connector to allow businesses to share data across applications, services, and systems with only a few clicks. Businesses can maintain data within the on-premises solution, yet integrate it with other applications and services.
  • is a cloud-based data loading solutions for importing into, exporting out of, and deleting data from Salesforce. Once Salesforce CRM is in place, businesses can utilize in order to migrate vital information from Siebel to Salesforce rather than manually implementing changes. The for Salesforce offers a number of features to help businesses automate importing, exporting, and deleting data.

As businesses evolve and reevaluate how their enterprise ecosystem is structured, the process of moving from on-premises solutions like Siebel CRM to Salesforce should be easy. MuleSoft understands this and offers numerous integration solutions within its Anypoint Platform to keep companies connected and running efficiently on-premises and in the cloud.

Learn more about how MuleSoft and Anypoint Platform help businesses stay connected, and create an account today.