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Migrate data to Salesforce from other instances, databases, CRM and ERP applications

Automatically move Salesforce contacts, accounts, opportunities or users from one org to another with Anypoint Templates for migration. These templates simplify the consolidation of multiple orgs into a customer master, making it easy to manage data post-acquisition, move off of a legacy CRM system or migrate ERP data into Salesforce.

Broadcast data to Salesforce from other instances, applications or databases

Synchronize contacts, accounts, opportunities and users from one org to one or more related orgs in real time with Anypoint Templates. Broadcast templates make it easy to move records from a central or corporate instance to orgs in individual business units.

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Aggregate data across Salesforce instances, enterprise applications or databases

Collect data from multiple Salesforce orgs, CRM and ERP systems, and databases and move them to Salesforce or use that information to generate reports using Anypoint Templates. The aggregation templates make it easy to create one Salesforce instance with data residing across various enterprise applications.

Synchronize data across enterprise applications, Salesforce instances, and databases

Automatically update data in Salesforce when a change is made or new information is added in ERP or CRM applications, databases or other Salesforce instances with Anypoint Templates. Bi-directional synchronization templates ensure consistency of data across applications, geographies, business units, and departments in real time.

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