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eCommerce SaaS vendors require integration

eCommerce has become the norm as more and more individuals and businesses turn to buying and selling goods online. As virtual storefronts flourish, so too do eCommerce platforms and shopping cart SaaS vendors. Data from orders, shipments, billing, invoices, and customer accounts must be safely and effortlessly accessible through integrated e-commerce systems, allowing for easy management and maintenance. Through cloud integration, businesses can painlessly manage various applications to work efficiently with a multitude of systems, streamlining business processes.


eCommerce integration is challenging

It’s no secret that integration can be as complicated and frustrating as it can be expensive. A recent study shows that nearly 20% of survey respondents are dissatisfied with their existing integration solution, and 94% of them cite integration to be a top concern. Furthermore, 90% of respondents deem integration with existing systems their number one sales hurdle.  

To deal with the issue of integration, many web commerce software as a service providers resort to custom integration. Custom integration, however, is a rather complex matter and if not done correctly, can lead to payment problems.  Writing custom code tends to be difficult, and often requires specified software developers to maintain it, resulting in an added cost of one or more developer salaries. Furthermore, custom integration is fragile. Making changes of any sort becomes a labor-intensive task and not everyone is capable of doing it.

CloudHub provides a solution

MuleSoft CloudHub offers web commerce SaaS vendors the tools needed to drive business and connectivity. CloudHub is a cloud-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS) used to solve the problems of cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-premise integration problems. CloudHub streamlines the integration process between existing and new applications, eliminating the number one sales hurdle. Because there is no complex code, no need to develop or maintain integration code, anyone can use CloudHub, making it all the more versatile.  

CloudHub integration apps and connectors work together to integrate applications in days, not weeks. Integration apps are packaged as end-to-end integrations running on the CloudHub iPaaS. These apps provide connectivity and automate business processes that may span multiple applications. The applications are pre-built and extremely easy to customize according to your web commerce needs. Additionally, by leveraging MuleSoft’s library of cloud connectors, vendors can provide instant API connectivity to a multitude of popular applications and services.

An integration apps such as the Zuora REST Store, allows integration of an e-commerce website with Zuora. The applications allows for creation of new accounts and new subscriptions, as well as renewals and upgrading or downgrading existing subscriptions. It also allows for ERP system synchronization, as well as CRM integration for user and profile information retrieval. The integration apps leverages CloudHub cloud connectors such as the Magento connector, allowing for an easy way to interface with the Magento API from within CloudHub. Customers can easily take care of orders and invoices in real-time, manage accounts, automate billing, and synchronize seamlessly with various accounting systems including Quickbooks. With the integration problem taken care of, web commerce and shopping cart SaaS vendors can focus on driving business forward.

MuleSoft works with you

Not only does MuleSoft provide the tools needed to drive business, we also provide help along the way. The MuleSoft Partner Program allows MuleSoft to work with SaaS vendors to:

  • Define integration requirements
  • Outline market opportunity
  • Create a joint business plan
  • Develop  an integration app
  • Launch integration as a part of vendor services


Working with MuleSoft allows partners to provide a repeatable and scalable path to market and generate new revenue without additional overhead. Furthermore, because CloudHub is so easy to use, SaaS providers will see results quickly. Partnering with MuleSoft is incredibly easy. Contact us today.