Increasing eCommerce agility

Simplify eCommerce ecosystems

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In the fast-moving eCommerce marketplace, firms are increasingly participating in more complex multi-partner value chains. As they do, they must build the agility to adapt to ever-changing market conditions, new entrants and emerging business models while maintaining cost competitiveness and reacting to high levels of staffing churn. To deliver on this imperative, firms must continuously build, maintain and update complex integration applications that pull together CRM, ERP, custom apps, partners and suppliers amongst others. Learn how a lightweight, standalone Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) lays the foundation for eCommerce software infrastructure and a series of best practices from market leaders who have built such infrastructures.

Learn how to deliver results in an eCommerce environment:

  • Maintaining velocity in a changing eCommerce landscape
  • Enabling Partner Ecosystems
  • Maintaining Cost Leadership without Sacrificing Innovation
  • Managing the inherent high employee turnover in many technical roles to minimize business impact
  • The Software Architecture for eCommerce

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