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Twitter Integration Adds Value to Business

The emergence of social media channels has changed the way in which we communicatemarket, sell, recruit, and provide customer service. As more businesses leverage social media applications, such as Twitter, as a means to better engage existing and prospective customers and as a tool to recruit top talent, it becomes necessary to synchronize data from social channels with core business applications.


Social Media is Useful For Business

Twitter has grown in popularity over the years among various communities and is becoming a valuable tool for businesses. Companies are utilizing the social media platform across a number of departments for several reasons:

  • Providing Customer Service & Support

Twitter makes social engagement with existing and potential customers easy. Businesses can not only hear what people have to say about their products or services, they can also provide customer service quickly and easily through Twitter. Businesses can troubleshoot issues and engage with potential and existing customers; all the while ensuring that their interactions are recorded and integrated into their service management application.

  • Resources for Sales and Marketing

With a multitude of places to discover information - blogs, forums and various other social channels - customers have the ability to research and engage with businesses directly. Companies can now utilize social media channels to gain a better understanding of what potential customers are looking for in order to better sell their product by being wherever the customer is. By integrating Twitter into their CRM systems, companies can see the social media activity of their customers, giving their sales reps the power to respond with perfect timing and a personalized message. Moreover, organizations can integrate Twitter with their marketing automation tools or email marketing applications to better measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns (e.g. tracking if a customer retweeted a blog post).

Companies are also making use of social media platforms to find, engage, and gain a better insight into potential candidates. Search for people in your industry with hashtags or keywords in tweets, or get their attention by following, tweeting, or messaging them. With Twitter integration, all interactions with potential candidates can be aggregated to your business’s existing talent management and recruiting applications in order to obtain an accurate view into your pipeline and outreach.

Without a doubt, the valuable data that Twitter provides has made it an essential sales tool for businesses. However, without seamless integration with a company’s existing business applications, crucial customer insights remains in Twitter’s social network. A lack of insight into customer interactions not only creates a lost opportunity for customer facing teams, but also leaves an unaddressed integration challenge.

By extending existing applications to Twitter’s social media streams, customer service and support teams can quickly access customer insights through their CRM and service management platforms. In addition, marketing departments can utilize a single application to listen to what is being said about their brand, as well as monitor the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Furthermore, integrating Twitter and other social media platforms with your company’s talent management or recruiting applications allows your human resources department to engage with and gain deeper insight into potential candidates without having to switch between applications. Providing Twitter integration with your company’s existing applications truly provides numerous benefits throughout a number of departments.

Twitter Integration Made Possible

MuleSoft offers a solution to grab a hold of the activity on Twitter, and gain additional insight about your customers. With CloudHub, a cloud integration platform as a service (iPaaS), businesses can integrate Twitter with their CRM, marketing automation, and service management systems, consolidating customer data into existing applications. By utilizing the Twitter Anypoint™ Connector, organizations can create instant API connectivity, thereby making it possible to not only monitor activity and post to Twitter from within other applications, but also making it easy to integrate with CRM, marketing automation and service management systems such as, Marketo, and Zendesk.

The cloud iPaaS gives businesses the power to create connectivity between Twitter and existing customer applications, providing business application users unmatched insight into their customers’ interests and interactions.

CloudHub offers a solution for businesses to better utilize Twitter as a sales, marketing and customer service tool. With the ability to seamlessly integrate the social media platform with your existing applications, CloudHub makes it easy for your business to innovate and stay ahead of the competition.

Learn more about what CloudHub can offer your business, or get started today by speaking to an expert.