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Recruitment SaaS vendors appreciate iPaaS

Recruitment software as a service vendors have a lot to gain from MuleSoft CloudHub, as it simplifies the integration process between cloud to cloud and cloud to premise applications. A cloud integration platform as a service (iPaaS) such as CloudHub, provides the means necessary to simplify the process of integrating data from one service such as Monster, Snagajob, Jobvite, or PeopleMatter to another such as ADP, Taleo, Ceridian, or Oracle PeopleSoft, seamlessly.

Complications in the recruitment process

When a company uses multiple SaaS applications, it is crucial that they connect and integrate. Seamlessly integrating candidate information from services such as Monster, to ADP is crucial. Without a robust integration system, synchronization becomes difficult, and information does not flow. Generally, the practice of taking data from one application to another is extensive and expensive. A recent study shows that 94% of respondents, many of them in executive level positions, indicate integration is a top concern, and 90% of those surveyed claim it to be one of the biggest sales hurdles due to integration issues with existing systems. Furthermore, nearly 20% of respondents are dissatisfied with their existing integration tools. 


Many businesses resort to custom integration as a solution to their problems. The complication with custom integration is that it is rather difficult and requires a specified software developer, often with a $100k salary or more, to take care of processes. This is not only an added expense, it is still a fairly unreliable method, as the fragile custom integration is prone to errors which are often very difficult to diagnose and correct. Moreover, this difficulty in diagnosis can lead to a surplus of support tickets, resulting in added support and maintenance costs.

CloudHub simplifies integration

The CloudHub integration platform as a service steps in to streamline recruitment business processes. Recruitment SaaS providers benefit tremendously from this, for the process is remarkably simplified with the iPaaS. There is no need to spend time coding, managing or building your own platform, you simply use the CloudHub integration platform to take care of everything for you. With simple drag and drop features, even someone without coding knowledge can build an integration application.

MuleSoft CloudHub provides a simple solution to the integration problem. SaaS Providers are able to create their own repeatable integration app and connect services on-premises or in the cloud. Developing integration apps to meet specific business requirements is simple, and leveraging a catalog of cloud connectors allows users to be up and running in days, not weeks. Working with the cloud connectors, integration apps connect and automate essential business processes that span multiple applications. The results maintain a much easier overall integration process, one that is much less time consuming and consists of much fewer errors than if done manually.

MuleSoft can help you integrate

With the MuleSoft SaaS Partner Program, vendors can work with MuleSoft to develop, promote, and sell their products, services, and solutions. Through collaboration, MuleSoft aids its partners in building and launching an integration app to help recruitment SaaS providers to drive new business. Additionally, MuleSoft helps recruitment SaaS provider to expand their addressable market, focus on its core competency, increase MRR, lower customer churn, and reduce customer onboarding efforts.

MuleSoft’s SaaS partners benefit in a multitude of ways. You can learn even more about what our partner program offers, or if you’re ready to become a SaaS partner contact us now.