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Data Management Empowers Businesses

A business’s most critical asset is its data. As a result, ensuring some form of data management of the information shared between the numerous applications, systems and services within the enterprise is crucial. Only through reliable data management services can organizations truly understand their data's power.


Data Management Overview

Data management is rather difficult to define. In its most fundamental form, it is a method to manage and govern data. This can include the following:

  • Ensuring data compliance and governance.
  • Consolidating data to enable master data management (MDM).
  • Using data integration to provide access to customer, product, and company information across the enterprise.
  • Providing accurate, high quality data that can be utilized to create a complete customer, product, and company profile.

Enterprise data management is a way for businesses to get the most out of their data. It not only ensures data integration throughout the enterprise, it makes certain a specific level of compliance is met. Moreover, it improves business agility as it provides updated information to the people who need it most, when they need it most.

Approaches to Data Management

Organizations have approached data management in numerous ways. Many have implemented specific data management tools to aid with integration and cleansing. Integration tools, however, do not always support large amounts of data and are limited in the types of files and data sources they can manipulate. Some businesses have also drawn upon their existing resources to aid with data management, often calling upon employees to manually clean and migrate data. This method tends to be prone to human error, causing further complications, and does not scale well as business needs change.

Another strategy implemented by businesses is point-to-point integration. Point-to-point integration, commonly referred to as custom code, is a method in which skilled developers write custom code and implement it within each specific endpoint in order to create connectivity. This requires extensive knowledge of each endpoint, and as the number of endpoints increases, it becomes a grueling task. Moreover, as organizations take advantage of mobile, cloud, and SaaS applications to power their business, their IT ecosystem grows in complexity. With more and more endpoints requiring connectivity, point-to-point integration becomes a complex and fragile “spaghetti architecture”.

Data Management With MuleSoft

MuleSoft understands the benefits a robust data management solution and provides a platform to transform businesses. With the Anypoint™ Platform, business can utilize numerous products to connect disparate mobile, cloud, and SaaS applications as well as on-premises systems. In addition to its core solutions, Mule ESB and CloudHub, MuleSoft provides solutions such as Anypoint Studio, DataWeave, and, to help businesses with their data management needs.

  • Mule as an ESB - As the world’s most widely used integration platform, Mule Enterprise Service Bus delivers a future-proof integration solution for on-premises and cloud data management.
  • CloudHub - The leading enterprise-class integration platform as a service (iPaaS), CloudHub makes connectivity with SaaS and on-premises applications and services possible at cloud speed.
  • Anypoint Studio - Build integration flows to connect applications and services quickly and easily in a graphical design environment.
  • DataWeave - Deliver simple yet powerful data transformations and mappings and extraction, filter, and load a wide array of data formats.
  • - Simplify data management with an easy to use data loading tool for importing, exporting, and deleting data in out of and Box.
  • Anypoint connectors - Create instant API connectivity with popular SaaS and cloud applications and services, providing businesses a gateway to all of their information.
  • Anypoint Service Registry (now part of API Manager) - Safely and securely govern, manage, and monitor services and APIs to gain complete visibility into your business ecosystem.

MuleSoft offers a number of solutions to help businesses tackle their data management needs. With connectivity to popular CRMERPfinance, and HR applications and services, businesses can gain instant access to information residing in disparate applications and service. MuleSoft’s integration solutions allow users to easily clean up data, ensuring data accuracy and eliminating duplication. Moreover, these solutions enable businesses to consolidate data and create a single view of the company, it’s products, and it’s customers. MuleSoft helps businesses get the most out of their most valuable asset in order to improve business agility. Contact us today to see what data management solutions MuleSoft can offer your organization.