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Siebel to MS dynamics CRM migration

The enterprise is changing and with it, so is the way in which businesses manage their enterprise. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) landscape has evolved and businesses are looking for more robust solutions. These new solutions are moving organizations from on-premises CRM systems to those in the cloud. As the shift to the cloud takes place, it can pose numerous challenges. Despite the challenges, the landscape is evolving and moving to the cloud is inevitable.


On-premises CRM Solutions Trail Behind

CRM systems have changed quite a bit over the years, leaving traditional organizations unable to meet the needs of the new enterprise. on-premises CRM solutions tend to be cumbersome to setup and maintain and call for high upfront licensing fees, often resulting in businesses investing heavily in bulky solutions. Nevertheless, Siebel CRM has long served as a viable CRM solution for many organizations because of the completeness of its solution. However, as more and more customer relationship management systems enter the business landscape, cloud-based CRM are Cloud-based. Cloud-based or web-based CRM solutions are easier to manage than traditional CRM systems as they do not require hiring an outside IT professional to monitor or maintain the infrastructure they run on. Unlike Siebel CRM, online solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM offer mobility, simplicity, and easier integration with numerous third-party applications and services. With their lightweight deployment and lower upfront fees, cloud CRM solutions are becoming the preference.

MS dynamics CRM solution

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a web-based application that offers businesses of all sizes the tools they need to successfully and efficiently manage customers and prospective customers. Because of its cloud-based structure, MS Dynamics CRM empowers users by providing real-time access to customer information and data on numerous platforms and applications. Additionally, as more and more businesses are employing numerous cloud applications and services to manage the enterprise, MS Dynamics CRM enables easy integration with third-party ERPHRfinance and marketing applications such as SalesforceTaleoMarketo, and more. Simplified connectivity to such applications and services empower businesses to more effectively and efficiently run businesses processes, allowing them to deliver more.

MuleSoft streamlines integration for those migrating from an on-premises solution such as Siebel CRM to MS Dynamics CRM. MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform™provides businesses with robust integration solutions to keep the enterprise connected whether they plan to co-exist or completely migrate from Siebel to MS Dynamics CRM.

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform creates connectivity

MuleSoft offers a number of solutions for companies interested in switching from Siebel CRM to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • CloudHub: As an integration platform as a service (iPaaS), CloudHub enables seamless connectivity between SaaS and on-premises applications. Organizations can house CloudHub between Siebel CRM and MS Dynamics CRM in order to create connectivity and share information seamlessly. With hundreds of Anypoint connectors, businesses can integrate third-party SaaS applications to further extend the reach of their platform while still maintaining an on-premises solution.
  • DataWeave: A component within Anypoint Platform, DataWeave allows users to easily create data mappings and integrations between applications and services. This solution makes it easy to share information between systems despite differences in data formats. With simplified transformations and graphical mappings, synchronizing data can be done in less time and more reliably.
  • Anypoint Connectors: A library of connectors provides organizations with integration solutions for specific applications and services. With numerous connectors to choose from, businesses can deploy integrations on CloudHub and create connectivity where connectivity is needed. MuleSoft offers two Microsoft Dynamics CRM connectors - on-premises and on-demand as well as a Siebel CRM connector to help businesses with implementing connectivity between necessary applications and services.

Whether businesses are looking to create connectivity throughout the enterprise and integrate existing CRM solutions with new ones, or if they are looking to move entirely from Siebel CRM to MS Dynamics, MuleSoft Anypoint Platform offers a collection of solutions to overcome related challenges. The IT landscape is adapting and CRM solutions are progressing towards lightweight, lower cost, cloud and web-based solutions, making it easier to move to the cloud regardless of where your enterprise is on the continuum to the cloud. MuleSoft understands the shift towards the cloud and provides businesses a robust set of solutions to keep connected on-premises and in the cloud.

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