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Enterprise social data integration for productivity 

Having access to valuable enterprise social data gives enterprises a unique advantage over their competitors. As businesses expand and as technology continues to change, customer and employee bases expand globally. Businesses are worldwide and employees are no longer required to be in-office daily. As a result, providing a unified place for employees to collaborate and share ideas increases productivity and helps move business forward. Furthermore, offering a place to share content seamlessly ensures that everyone is always on the same page.  


Team collaboration is a challenge

Enterprises not only look to external sources to obtain consumer social media data, they also look internally to gain valuable insight from enterprise social data. In order to do this, enterprises deploy forums and idea hubs to allow employees and customers to interact with one another, hoping to generate employee productivity and drive innovation. The challenge with this method lies in obtaining useful analytics from enterprise social networking in order to continue collaboration. Another issue lies in providing a place for seamless content collaboration through cloud integration.

To address the challenges, enterprises often turn to SaaS vendors to provide services which encourage collaboration and productivity while also offering relevant information to the enterprise from. The challenge here lies in integration, for it tends to be a complicated process. SaaS providers must find a way to integrate services and applications seamlessly in order to streamline the process of gathering data and delivering it in a usable package. Additionally, providing a seamless content collaboration application allows for easy sharing of information and files between employees, but requires one to take on the challenge of cloud integration as many assets reside in different databases and third party applications.

CloudHub simplifies collaboration

CloudHub, a cloud integration platform as a service (iPaaS) from MuleSoft, offers the necessary tools to streamline data integration and automate business processes in order to allow for seamless collaboration among enterprise social platforms. Using CloudHub cloud connectors and integration applications, users are able to connect and automate processes over multiple services, without any complicated code.  

With CloudHub, SaaS providers can leverage a multitude of cloud connectors to create instant API connectivity. By doing this, SaaS companies can create connectivity between enterprise social forums and networks, allowing users to share ideas and collaborate in real-time, seamlessly through the cloud. Most importantly, SaaS vendors can leverage CloudHub to extract relevant data from these forums and collaboration centers to present useful information back to enterprises.  

CloudHub in action

Companies such as Bunchball and BrightIdea are leveraged by enterprises to drive employee participation and obtain information from internal forums and collaboration platforms.  

Bunchball, a gamification SaaS company, boosts employee productivity by gamifying the user experience. Users are deeply engaged and productivity receives a boost. CloudHub aids by providing instant API connectivity from Bunchball to third party applications, making information accessible from one platform. By building repeatable integrations using CloudHub, the SaaS provider can extract valuable information about company production and innovation.

Similarly, enterprise innovation management SaaS company BrightIdea generates information from forums and crowdsourced feedback in order to track innovation. By providing a way to connect and create integration applications, CloudHub extends the BrightIdea application to third party applications, streamlining the process of gathering information for Brightidea users.

Because content collaboration is just as important as idea collaboration, it is essential for enterprises to provide their employees a solution where they can manage, store, and share content in the cloud. SaaS providers such as Boxare brought in by enterprises to provide such a platform. Utilizing CloudHub, these SaaS providers can extend their application to third party CRM applications such as, making file sharing, integration, and collaboration a seamless process over the cloud.  

CloudHub, the ideal choice

Not only does CloudHub provide the necessary tools to bring users together seamlessly, it also provides support to SaaS providers through its Partner Program. By working with MuleSoft, SaaS providers can develop and sell integration as a part of their service. From defining the integration requirements to launching your integration app, MuleSoft is there to help you extend your SaaS application and drive new business.

Streamlining processes and gathering valuable enterprise social data to boost productivity and drive innovation has never been easier. Contact MuleSoft today to see what the Partner Program can offer you, or continue learning more about CloudHub.