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Integrate Workday with ITSM systems

As the reach of software - especially SaaS applications - has extended into nearly every facet of modern business operations, businesses have had to develop strategies for selecting among the rapidly expanding universe of software services and vendors. Many organizations seek to minimize potential compatibility problems by selecting just a few software vendors for the majority of its major systems. But as first-rate niche software solutions continued to multiply, many businesses decided to replace their software acquisition strategy with a new “best of breed” approach. This strategy allows organizations to choose the very best solutions - regardless of vendor - for all of their various functional needs. In organizations that adopt this approach, it’s crucial that all systems, services, and applications from various vendors communicate seamlessly with one another.

For their human resources management, many companies choose Workday’s Human Capital Management (HCM) Suite as a best-of-breed solution. Businesses that use Workday HCM software need to be able to integrate Workday applications with their other systems, such as IT service management (ITSM) systems, from different vendors.


The Workday HCM suite and ITSM systems

Workday’s HCM Suite is a complete set of industry-leading applications for management, recruiting, payroll, benefits, financials, and more — all on a single platform. It includes everything from an applicant tracking system (ATS) to back office HR management software. Workday recruiting software helps recruiters find, engage, and hire candidates; it also allows them to manage referrals, social media, job offers, sourcing analytics, and onboarding. The suite’s workforce management software assists with performance management, career development, compensation, and staff planning and organization. Meanwhile, Workday’s back office management applications help organizations to run their payroll and benefits operations and to manage expenses.

Many organizations that use Workday HCM as part of a best-of-breed software strategy also use an ITSM system from vendors such as ServiceNow, BMC Remedyforce, JiraZendesk, and Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics. ITSM systems like these are used to automate and manage IT service relationships across the enterprise. Common functions include:

  • Building a single system of record that enables uniform execution of processes across IT
  • Automating IT service applications and processes to simplify and consolidate redundant systems - including legacy systems
  • Creating configurable custom applications that facilitate the automation of service relationships
  • Increasing the efficiency of common IT processes across a range of IT disciplines, including lifecycle management, change orchestration, infrastructure discovery, and IT governance
  • Reporting on the performance and costs of applications, including custom applications

The importance of integrating Workday with ITSM systems

Developing and maintaining connectivity between HR applications and an ITSM system is challenging for many businesses. As employees move through the various stages of their tenure — from onboarding to promotion to departure—their level of access to different systems varies. To maximize employee productivity, operational efficiency and system security, companies must be able to appropriately provision and de-provision employees in real time. Failure to properly do so can disrupt communications and workflows and threaten IT security (for example, when a newly departed employee retains system access).

The challenges of integrating Workday with ITSM systems

An important part of enabling coordinated, simultaneous provisioning and de-provisioning across multiple systems is seamless integration among those systems. Frequently, businesses try to address this challenge by implementing point-to-point integration and applying custom code directly between two endpoints, creating a tightly coupled dependency. Although this type of integration works well enough in an environment with only a few systems, the complexity of custom integrations increases exponentially as more systems and services are added. And, of course, increased complexity leads to higher costs — as organizations are forced to spend more time on and devote more resources to creating and maintaining integration in an increasingly fragile and inflexible setup.

As cloud-based mobile and SaaS applications become ever more integral to business operations, the necessity of a hybrid integration platform that can bridge such applications to on-premises systems and databases becomes ever more critical. So businesses that opt for a best-of-breed software strategy require a hybrid integration solution that can incorporate the very best systems and applications.

MuleSoft integrates Workday with ITSM

With out-of-the-box connectivity, MuleSoft’s Anypoint Connectors make it easy to connect Workday to hundreds of popular on-premises and SaaS applications, like SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, JobviteTaleo, ADP, Concur, NetSuite, Salesforce and ServiceNow. Users can easily build integrations within Anypoint Studio, MuleSoft’s graphical design environment, and deploy them directly either to Mule as an ESB or to CloudHub. These and other components of MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform work together to provide businesses with a comprehensive integration solution, both on-premises and in the cloud. This next-generation platform provides a complete set of products to help businesses overcome the challenge of integrating such systems in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

Connect Workday to ITSM and scale to fit your enterprise

With an underlying platform that contains a single development environment and a reliable multi-tenant architecture, Anypoint Platform connects Workday and other HCM applications to all your other third-party enterprise applications, whether they are in the cloud or behind your firewall. It also offers a future-proof solution that scales over time and will accommodate new features and upgrades to existing apps — and even new apps that have yet to be developed.

Connecting Workday gives you a single view of your employees from hire to retire, your HR system as the single source of truth for employee information, and the ability to provision and de-provision employees in real time. Anypoint Platform makes it possible to strengthen, extend, and scale your HR system across the enterprise by unlocking the back office and unlock your legacy systems.

Connect Workday to the enterprise

  • Extend Workday to the rest of the enterprise to connect new applications and unlock legacy systems
  • Solve your enterprise integration needs both in the cloud and on-premises with MuleSoft’s hybrid integration model. Replace costly, custom point-to-point integrations
  • Eliminate manual data entry and loss of information, while providing employee record consistency across systems
  • Streamline incident management and ticket tracking across numerous applications, systems, and services

Get up and running quickly

  • Connect to applications instantly with the Anypoint Connector for Workday — which is kept fully supported and up to date with Workday API access to over 120 other pre-built connectors to top HCM, CRM, and financial applications
  • Streamline processes across departments with seamless integration and ticket tracking with applications like ServiceNow
  • Get up and running quickly with pre-built Anypoint Templates for HCM (eg. Workday to SAP Payroll) and IT service management (eg. Workday to ServiceNow)

Streamline employee management

  • Simplify data migration between Workday and your legacy HR or ERP system in real time or batch single view of employee data across HCM, financials, ERP, CRM, ITSM, and SCM applications. 

  • Streamline management of employee data from HCM applications to downstream back office systems.
  • Automate your provisioning/de-provisioning process
  • Optimize recruiting, onboarding, and retention efforts.
Mobilize your back office data by connecting Workday solutions to custom-built mobile applications

Learn more about how Anypoint Platform lets you seamlessly integrate Workday HCM solutions with your ITSM and other enterprise systems and applications. Contact us today to get started.